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Originally Posted by varg View Post
Chrome extension author talks about how malware companies offer extension programmers money in exchange for injecting malicious code, or collecting user data used for marketing. Same thing probably happens to other software and other browsers.

The NSA often tries to pay off security companies to keep their software's encryption weak or infected with a backdoor.


A friend of mine owns a tech company that specializes in encrypted products for high level executives and to prevent corporate espionage. The NSA contacted him after seeing his products at a trade show demanding that he provide backdoors to his products and accusing him of violating US export laws if he didn't put backdoors in his products. The NSA was a bunch of bullies and were not willing to pay anything to him to create the backdoors. They also demanded that he get his product FIPS-140 compliant which is some NIST NSA testing to ensure that the product does have any other secret backdoors that are unknown. His product did not have any backdoors even their tech support so if you get locked out, the product is worthless. The testing was $250,000 to test a product at an approved NSA lab. What a racket so companies have to bend over to the NSA or they put you out of business. He decided to only sell his products in Europe and not live here anymore.