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4 Murdered
Donte Johnson
Those killed were , 20; Jeffrey Biddle, 19; Matthew Mowen, 19, and Peter Talamantez, 17.
Donte Johnson
Jury Decides Death for Convicted MurdererMay 5, 2005, 07:32 PM

Prosecutor Robert Daskas in court May 4.
Death is the sentence again for convicted quadruple murderer Donte Johnson. Authorities say the 27-year-old Johnson shot and killed four young men at their Las Vegas home in 1998.

Jennifer Mowen, victim's sister, said, "I've just had to show Donte what he has done and what he has ruined." Mowen made sure that Johnson saw her face in court for this death penalty process.

She was only 17 and still a student during the first trial in which Johnson was found guilty for killing her older brother Matthew and his three friends. Since her brother's murder, Jennifer has worn her little sister's necklace proudly and has followed in her brother's career goals to become a masseuse.

"If I had the chance to see Donte face to face I would want to know if he has any remorse," Jennifer Mowen said.

Johnson didn't show any remorse Thursday as the verdict of death was read.

In his first trial, there was one juror who refused to rule for the lethal punishment, forcing a three-judge panel to rule for his death. That process was ultimately overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

But in court Thursday, one of the jurors in the first trial, Ashley Warren, came to support the victims families and hope for death. "The families have been through so much, the jurors went through so much in the first trial. And finally, justice is done," Warren said.

Robert Daskas, prosecutor, said, "Now this makes 26 people who say he deserves death -- 12 on this jury, 11 on the first jury, and 3 judges.

Donte Johnson's attorney asked the judge for the official sentencing by the judge quickly, so that he could return to Ely state prison instead of remaining at the CCDC.

Johnson's official sentencing will be in one week.

State law gives Donte Johnson one automatic appeal for his death sentence.