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Default Illegal Ugandan nigger rapist posing as Uber driver in Boston rapes female


A Ugandan citizen, Daudah Mayanja, posing as an Uber driver, is being held by ICE, and charged with two counts of rape. I couldn't find a pic of the rapist but we know he is a nigger. No description of victim, of course.

I think it's safe to say that no White female should EVER get into a car with a nigger posing as a driver...or for any reason of course.

How about we start saying "nigger posing as..." whenever we describe a crime committed by it. After all, it's pretty clear that whatever they do or pretend to do--teacher, doctor, nurse, caretaker, construction worker, delivery driver, etc.--they simply cannot get beyond their nigger-ness to just behave themselves and do a job and go home.

The Savage Nigger always outs itself. The job of jews is to continue to hide this from stupid Whites.

And law enforcement is no better in alerting Whites to the dangers of niggers. Twice now in the past few years in the Atlanta metro area, after niggers have followed chinks home from their respective businesses holding them up at gunpoint, police offer advice specifically to chinks and this last time even offered free safety classes to them.

After all the armed robberies by niggers of Whites, and all the black on White rapes, there's not been one word from the pigs toward helping the White victims.
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