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Sandor, I'm with you on this and, FYI, I repost this:

The Real Stormfront Leadership - What The Right Wing Doesn't Tell You

2/12/2006 8:43:06 PM
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Bill White

Commentary -- [Bill: I wanted to flesh out Don Black and David Duke's listing on WN Wiki, but the site has apparently gone down, so I'm going to list out some facts here, so everyone can understand exactly what Stormfront is about. Stormfront is essentially a fraud. More than 2/3rds of its "members" are inactive; of the rest, a good portion are just fake, or multiple accounts for the same person, or people who really don't like Stormfront but go there to try to refute the endless BS they pour out into the world. Here are some facts about Stormfront's leadership that you should know, if you don't already. Read on:]
David Duke

Began stealing and selling white nationalist mailing lists to make money on the side in 1970, when he instructed Don Black to infiltrate the gubernatorial campaign of JB Stoner and steal that list.

Stole the National Youth Alliance mailing list from William Pierce in 1972. False claimed to have authored Pierce's "Who Runs The Media?" pamphlet.

Stole $500 from the Wallace for President campaign in 1972. Was arrested, but charges were later dropped.

Jack Gregory, former Florida leader for Duke's Klan, accused him of stealing Klan money in 1979. There is no question he used Klan money to run for office in 1975, but Gregory's accusations go further:

"Our members were pouring in money to the organization, and we never saw any of it. When I asked Duke where our money was going, I was thrown out of the Klan, he tells everyone he doesn't make anything from the Klan that he's doing it for the cause. But that's the biggest lie there is."

Duke used Klan money to purchase a home in Metarie, Lousiana, and refurbish it, according to Jerry Dutton, another Duke Klan official.

In 1979, Duke and Don Black attempted to sell the Klan's secret mailing list to Bill Wilkinson, member of a rival Klan group. They were caught on videotape doing this by reporters.

That year, Duke claimed the phrase "Hollywood Nazi" in a speech he gave dissolving the Klan and forming the NAAWP.

Duke then embezzled money from the NAAWP by hiring his own consulting firm, BC&E, for "mailing list maintenance", paying it $119,625, plus another $19,900 that came out of his 1979 Presidential campaign to the company to rent office space in Duke's home.

In 1987, Duke embezzled $8,000 from a defense fund set up to defend 62 Duke supporters arrested in an incident in Forsyth County, Ga.

In 1989, Duke was fined $1,111 for raising money in violation of Lousiana election laws. He raised $2.4 million for his gubernatorial campaign.

In 1995, Duke sold his mailing lists to Republican Mike Foster for $152,000. Foster was fined $20,000 for taking a bribe from Duke to eliminate state affirmative action programs.

In 1999, Duke admitted to having lost at least $50,000 of supporter's money gambling on Mississippi riverboats.

Duke was eventually convicted of stealing more than $230,000 from his supporters during the period 1993 to 1999, by taking money they had pledged to various political groups and projects, and embezzling it -- either by gambling it away on riverboats, or by giving it directly to his various girlfriends. Some say he actually used the money to pay various strippers and escorts to "date" him.


Duke is not a natural blonde. He dies his hair. He has also had his nose reduced in size to make it appear "less Jewish" (his words), and had his chin lifted and bags and wrinkles removed from his features.


Published a sex manual for women in 1976, telling women how to give oral and anal sex -- something unusual for a man to know how to do.

Tom Metzger's break with Duke started in 1977, at which time Duke was already famous for womanizing:

"We used to tell people, 'When Duke comes to town make sure your wife is safely locked up and don't let him near your daughters,'"

According to a Duke legislative aide:

One legislative aide told John Maginnis, author of the Duke profile Cross to Bear, how she learned of Duke's amatory preferences during a bizarre date in Baton Rouge. The two were having lunch, she said, "when he started explaining to me that blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian-looking people were God's chosen people, that they were made in his image. He said that God didn't want to dilute this perfection, so we should only mate with others of our kind. He then asked me if I wanted to mate with him. It was the weirdest come-on line I've ever heard."

"There was David Duke," the man told Maginnis. "But he looked like Edwin [Edwards, the corrupt Louisiana governor who would later go to prison]. He had a babe on each arm and he was shooting craps and betting pretty heavy."

In 1999, Duke urged his stripper-model girlfriend to have an abortion.

And this story goes on ... I'm getting tapped on the shoulder here and asked to go somewhere else, so we'll leave it at that.

As to Don Black, look at the Dominica scheme, and his later scheme to invade Nicaragua very closely, as well as his history of being a well paid bagman for Duke.

And in terms of the financing, you need to look closely at Willis Carto, Carto's financial problems, and Carto's history of dirty monetary dealing, and his thirty year friendship and scheming with David Duke.

Throw in Strom, a bi-sexual (despite his denials), and someone who is just pathetic and desperate for money, people like Jamie Kelso, who are also more interested in the money, and look at how even longtime Stormfront moderators -- like Muaddib -- who banned me -- have been treated by this clique, and then you'll get a clue.

Stormfront is phony stage-managed white nationalism for David Duke and cronies; it exists to sustain Duke's life-long love affair with vice; and it is as stage managed by direct bribes from the Republican Party to Duke and Black as it is by any other consideration.

Stormfront is where white nationalists go to be led by the nose. Don't go there."