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Originally Posted by Edgar J. Steele View Post
If this is true, then I not only will very publicly disavow this conference, but I also will lead the charge to have it called off altogether.

This is not a commitment I make lightly, by the way. I am on record as calling for the legal execution of those found guilty of a single incident of child sexual abuse.

However, I need some sort of significant proof. I saw no evidence, even, of where this charge had been posted, so I couldn't follow it up.

Help me out here, folks. Show me that you can put up, too. Give me some proof of this allegation.

I don't care if it happened 26 years ago.

I don't care if the guy was underage.

If he was shown to be guilty of even a single count of child abuse - and I mean real child abuse like beatings or sexual molestation, not the bullshit that gets flung at so many of us in the name of stealing our children these days - then he is the lowest of lowlife to me and I will have nothing to do with his conference.

However, in fairness, if there is no proof and this is but a bare allegation by somebody anonymous, then, already, I will owe the guy an apology for having said just what I have said in this single post.

Edgar Steele
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