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F.W. Braun
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You're wasting your time, Alex. All the books since W.W. II about the Third Reich have been written by enemies of National Socialism. You won't find any "facts" in them. Let's take Ian Kershaw's lauded biography of Adolf Hitler, a friend took the time to trace down all the authors critical of Hitler's economic policies and cited by Kershaw, he found that Kershaw invariably cited Marxists as his sources. Here we have an establishment historian from a major Western university borrowing a Marxist critique of National Socialist economics. Kershaw wouldn't use Marxists for anything else in the world; however, insofar as Nazis are concerned, all is fair game. If that weren't enough, lying Englishman Kershaw (who got a knighthood from the Queen for his effort) states in his introduction that he personally abhors everything Hitler stood do you like them apples? Do you expect a court historian like that to give you unbiased, true facts? No, of course not! He can't say something that might show Hitler in a good light. It would go against his nature as a lying, perfidious, two-faced, hypocritical, dishonest Englishman...(but these are all synonyms for the "Perfidious Albion"...a monicker given the English by continental Europeans who centuries ago noticed in their wisdom that there was something "off" about the English character...Dr. Goebbles referred to them as "the Jews of the Aryan race"...). But I digress...

The Third Reich showed the world that you could have a free market AND a planned economy...and produce in only a few years the highest standard of living in the world and full employment.

If you want to know the facts, you'll have to read primary sources that should be available at any good North American university but that have been outlawed by the anti-German BRD ("the freest Germany in history!") and, hence, cannot be found in the Bastardstate. Of course, they've never been translated and are only accessible to those who can read German. I can give you some titles that I've read, if you're interested.

Here are two good, short articles on N.S. economics:

How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched A Social Revolution

The First Years of the Third Reich


1939 GERMAN ECONOMIC POLICY (under Hitler)
by Wilhelm Bauer