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Default WW2 was not about Germany vs the Allies

WW2 was not about Germany vs the Allies nor the 'holocaust'

Hitler had been doing phenomenally well in turning his country around economically ever since he came to power. He did this by breaking with the Jewish international bankers, and trading by barter, thus bartering the surplus of goods Germany had, with the surplus of goods Germany needed that another country had, without debts being incurred on either side.

He, like Abraham Lincoln before him, simply issued what money was needed on the authority of the German Government, which was backed by the productivity of the German labour force, and not the empty promises of Jewish international bankers, who in a country without debt, could not function.

As a result of this policy, Germany was able to regenerate the social and spiritual life of all its citizens. As a result of a Germany being run for the benefit of the Germans as oppose to for the benefit of Jewish bankers, the citizens of Germany were able to make Germany the most powerful and prosperous state in Europe in only a seven year period.

The Jews could not let this continue as they knew that it would spell the death of their debt driven money system and so World War 2 starts this year, in earnest. This war is about one thing, which money system would survive. This is not a war between Germany and the Allies, it is a war between Germany and the Jewish money power who are in control of the Allied leadership and use them and their media to propagandize the Allied populous into hatred of the Germans.

Following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, there are now only five nations on the world left without a Rothschild owned central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya. Interestingly the satellite state of Israel, more commonly known as the United States government chooses to refer to these countries as, "rogue nations." [1]

Germany dumps tax and debt.

One of the fundamental causes of this war has been the unrelaxing efforts of Germany since 1918 to secure wide enough foreign markets to straighten her finances at the very time when all her competitors were forced by their own debts to adopt exactly the same course. Continuous friction was inevitable. Germany adopted a new monetary policy ... after which Germany ceased to experience any financial difficulty.

In England the people suffer the burdens of heavy and increasing taxation, but in Germany, the Times reports:

"Nothing is ever heard of the necessity of increasing tax- ation, compulsory savings, or the issue of enormous public war loans. Quite the contrary. Recently an important tax was abolished. Public savings bank deposits touch new monthly records again and again. Money is so plentiful that the interest rate on Reich loans could recently be reduced from 4-1/2 to 4 per cent.

These changes may well call for drastic readjustments in our established conventions. A hidebound persistence in methods and doctrines which were sound fifty years ago may easily prove as costly in the financial and ecomomic field as actual war. It might not lose the war; it would certainly lose the peace."
(London Times, October 11 and 12 and November 13, 1940). [/quote]Germany was trying to break the credit ring of the money monopolists by the force of economic sanity and that was unforgivable. She was acting like a worker who went on strike against system which deprived him of adequate food supplies though he as quite willing to exchange his labor to pay for them.

"In 1937 Hitler said:

'Germany will enter into no obligations to pay for her im- ports than she is capable of fulfilling. The German Government thus takes the standpoint of the respectable merchant who keeps his orders in harmony with his power to pay. We laugh at the time when our national economists held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a State Bank; and more especially we laugh at the theory that its value was guaranteed thereby. We have instead come to learn that the value of a currency lies in the productive capacity of a nation.‘[/quote]The world financial monopoly stood aghast. If Germany succeeded in her plan of economic penetration, other nations might follow per example. The whole world would then exchange goods for goods in a basis of equality and good fellowship. No one would want to borrow and the financial pyramid of debt, from the apex of which Almighty Finance ruled the world, would collapse. Humanity would be well fed, but the financiers would lose their power.

If the German monetary experiment had been allowed to develop on the basis of a friendly exchange of goods it would have provided the world with useful information to assist it in solving its commercial problems.

What was a laudable effort on the part of Germany has become a world war -- a war of ideas in which Hitler strives to form a European economic monopoly opposed to the financial monopolies of the world.

Statesmen began to prepare the public mind for war. No mention was made of the real causes of the crisis -- the bitter scramble for world markets, the trickery and inhuman methods used to obtain spheres of influence for surplus investments and for increasing the burden of world debt. Statesmen again were preparing to sacrifice the youth of their country on the bloody alter of Mammon.

“As in peace, so in war. Humanity must be sacrificed to save a worthless economic system.”

"Once again the peoples were told that if they destroyed the leader of the German nation all would be well with the world. Germany worshipped its leader. Britain trusted its Government. Both peoples believed their leaders would save the world. It was a tragedy of faith in men. One nation has to fight for a new economic and political system the other to preserve the old ones.


It is a dangerous game to place people above profits. Like Abe Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy, not long after he defied the interests of international finance Adolf Hitler was dead.

The death of Twenty to Fifty Million gentiles is nothing to the jewish criminal bankers when it comes to protecting their rackets.

Russia proves it can be done. Since the fall of jewish international banking in Russia in 1991 (700,000 Jews left Russia for Israel after the collapse of communist rule), bartering has made up up to 80% of the economy in some places. You can imagine how Russia has slipped off the Christmas card list of the western countries still in the grip of the Jewish international bankers!

[1] The Synagogue of Satan The Secret History of Jewish World Domination: