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Default Tyra Banks yelling at niggress in Top Model

Two girls are asked to leave the show, one White and one ugly nigger. I watched bits of the last episodes, and they kept ugly muds when there must have been thousands of White applicants far more beautiful who would make far better models.

The two girls go to cry and be hugged by the others, the normal ritual in the show. But the nigger Tiffany, who hasn't shown an ounce of dedication throughout the episode, smiles and laughs, which pisses Tyra Banks off. Tyra had obviously been hoping to keep this nigger until the final episode ("Do you know that you had a possibility to win?"), but her disrespect for the show made that impossible.

Tiffany 1:

Tiffany 2:

Tyra calls both girls back to the floor and tells the niggress that "Tiffany, I am extremely disappointed in you. This is a joke to you. You've been through anger management (!), you've been through your grandmother having her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition, and you go over there and you laugh."

And so on. Needless to say, the niggress does what niggers always do, she blames everybody else:

"I don't have a bad attitude! Maybe I am angry inside, I been through stuff, am angry!"

Tyra Banks, showing her unbiased, colorblind support for all the girls: "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, how dare you! ... You're rollin' your eyes and you act like this 'cause you've heard it all before. You've heard it all before -- you don't know where the hell I've come from, you have no idea what I've been through!"

See how niggers talk to each other: "I hurt!" "I hurt too!" That's a conversation they understand. Tyra tells Tiffany to learn from it, but apparently she accepts the absurd "I been through stuff" as a valid argument, something she has heard many times before. A white girl would have stood silently and accepted the criticism from a superior in the branch.

Three more things to note:

1) It is very obvious Tyra Banks has gotten where she is because she is a nigger with White traits. That makes her doubly desirable to the Jew-dominated fashion industry. She can also talk and move like a White.

2) When she gets upset, yelling at the younger niggress, she starts waving her fist and finger like an ordinary Black.

3) Behind her in the panel sits a fat homosexual Jew. Tyra's choreographer is a homosexual Black. All the cameramen in the show, however, seem to be heterosexual Whites.

4) In another season of America's Next Top Model , Tyra chastises yet another niggress for acting jiggery. She tells her: "I do not want to cast another Black bitch!" In every season there's at least one niggress spoiling the mood for everybody. Yet they keep casting ugly mud contestants in the next season, and the next. Beautiful White girls are thrown out while Black girls are kept on. The panel knows what's going on. Tyra definitely knows what's going on, and the mud contestants know too. The only girls in that room who don't know what's going on, when Tyra yells at Tiffany, are the brainwashed White girls. They only see Tyra yelling at a contestant with an attitude. Tyra is really upset because a fellow niggress wasted her chances of going on to win.

Well, not to worry Tyra, you still got the chance with another ugly mud, Naima, who was eventually made the winner.

Naima 1:

Naima 2: