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Originally Posted by James Fette View Post
Slate faggots: why are creepy conservatives obsessed with Cuties movie?


Hilarious this is the battle line they want to draw in an election year. Especially after the last few years of NXIVM, Jizzlaine/Epstein, John Pedosta, Harvey Swinestein, etc.
Ah yes, of course. The "liberal" (read: degenerate, anti-white) garbage site Slate, created by the jew Michael Kinsley, and now controlled by the part-jewish Donald E. Graham.

Michael Kinsley (born March 9, 1951) is an American political journalist and commentator. (...) Kinsley is Jewish.[3]

Donald Edward Graham (born April 22, 1945) is the majority owner and chairman of Graham Holdings Company. (...) His maternal grandfather, Eugene Meyer, bought the bankrupt Post shortly after stepping down as Chairman of the Federal Reserve in mid-1933.[5] Graham's mother had a Jewish father

And here's Sam Adams, the journalist who wrote the disgraceful article that James linked to: