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Originally Posted by James Fette View Post
David Frum tweeted he is finding a disturbing connection between Cuties condemnation and ...

Ah yes, David Frum, the Republican jew who supports homosexual marriage and gun control, and (apparently) defends the soft-core child porn movie "Cuties". Here's one of his recent tweets:

After 3 years of swallowing the outrages, scandals, and crimes of Donald Trump, many conservatives are sore and swollen from the accumulation of blocked moral indignation. That vast dropsy had to be discharged upon something - and apparently Netflix's "Cuties" is to be it it.
Sep 12, 2020
David Jeffrey Frum (/frʌm/; born June 30, 1960) is a Canadian-American political commentator.

A speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Frum later authored the first book about Bush's presidency written by a former member of the administration.[4] He is credited with inspiring the phrase "axis of evil" in Bush's 2002 State of the Union address.[5]

He is a senior editor at The Atlantic as well as an MSNBC contributor. He serves on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition,[6]
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to a Jewish family,[2]
Frum supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq.[50][51] He helped write George W. Bush's famous "Axis of Evil" speech to describe the governments of Iraq, Iran and North Korea.[50] Frum is a supporter of Israel.[52][53]
In 2013, Frum was a signatory to an amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage during the Hollingsworth v. Perry case.[57]

David Frum. "Trust me, goyim".