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I do not watch Shitflix but I can tell it is absolute filth, an abomination only a Jew could ever produce. just by looking at those screenshot thumbnails and reading the comments posted by other posters here.
It looks like the most disgusting and vilest form of inter-racial pedofest imaginable.

How on earth is that even legal to publish and distribute, to corrupt the minds of Western people even more?
This is what happens when you put the Jews in charge of entertainment industry!

"If the Jews were to win this war, mankind would sink into eternal darkness."
- Joseph Goebbels
Dr. Goebbels was right. We are living in such dark times. pedophilia is promoted as normal and there's nothing wrong with the sexualization of children according to those filthy Kikes.

On a positive note, I think the film was disgusting enough to make people wonder (((who))) would make that kind of filth, considering the amount of outrage over the internet.

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