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[Goldman Sachs alum seems to be a central figure in delivering the conservative movement over to the neocons.]

Thomas L. (Dusty) Rhodes is an American political editor and is president of National Review magazine.

Rhodes has helped found many organizations and, as of 2005, sits upon several Board of Directors. Some of these organizations and positions are as follows:

Founder and co-chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute,
Founder and a trustee of Change-NY,
Founder and a director of the Project for the Republican Future (1993–1995),
president of National Review and a member of the magazine’s Board of Directors,
Trustee of the Empire Foundation for Policy Research,
Co-chairman of the Club for Growth,
Board member of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprises (1996–1997),
Trustee of the Manhattan Institute (1996–1998),
Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (1991–1997),
Trustee of the Heritage Foundation (1993–1999),
Chairman of the Bradley Foundation.
Rhodes is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.