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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

The 47 Million
August 18, 2009

This main arguing point by the libs and demos about the so called 47 million "uninsured" has to stop. Here's the way it works, if one is to be truthful, and the libs and demos aren't, as a general rule.

12-20 million are illegals or to be kind, 'not US citizens.' The libs and demos want to cover them also, but no one else does, so this cuts it down to 27 million.

17 million live in households with large incomes, and could, if they so chose, buy their own health care coverage. This leaves 10 million, 'uninsured.'

18 million are between the ages of 18 and 34, and as is common, are in excellent health, and choose not to buy health coverage. This leave a negative 8 million 'uninsured.'

Furthermore, only 30% of the non-elderly, who are currently uninsured, in any give year, become insured within 12 months.

The 47 million, widely touted as this hideous figure which every true American should shudder at and rush to call their demo representative to pass this socialistic legislation, happens to be a fraudulent figure. No wonder thousands flock to the town halls and scream that they want none of it. They weren't placed there by the local John Birch Society, but are really outraged at Obama's plans, which he has yet to adequately describe, other than with extreme generalities. If we need anything, it is tort reform, so the docs won't have to order endless tests to avoid law suits.

Here's how the Brits solved the problem of people being unable to get prompt care with their system of socialized medicine. They passed a law saying that no one should have to wait more than four hours for emergency treatment at a hospital. Sounds great? Here's what happens: When the hospitals are full, which is usually, the sick wait in ambulances outside the hospital so the 'four hour rule' won't be violated. There's a whole industry of motel like ambulances outside of hospitals with people waiting to be admitted..

It's pretty common for Brits to go to Hungary for medical treatment, rather than wait a couple of years for inferior treatment in the UK, just like the Canadians come here. Docs and dentists have 'quotas' of the number of patients they must treat under the socialized medicine system. Dentists give five minute 'cleanings,' and other inferior treatments, and then, having met their 'quota.' go off to vacation land. Docs can do the same, and the result is that the Brits and Canadians have totally inferior medical and dental care. Heard the many jokes about the Brit's teeth? Guess why?

A recent survey in England, found that one in three family and hospital docs believed that geezers should not be given treatment if the treatment is unlikely to prolong life, and half believe that smokers shouldn't be given bypass surgery.

We're winning people! The demos and libs are in full retreat! Who would have thought that the Obama crew could have reuinited the Republican party! I thought that Republicans were a party of the past, but not a single one voted for the socialized medicine garbage. Keep the pressure on, and maybe the middle of the road Republicans can be brought around to actually represent their constituency. Keep the pressure on, and not just to the Democrats, but to your Republican rep and senator also. Tell them that we want our nation back, and to vote an absolute NO on 'cap and trade,' as well as the health monstrosity. Let them know that if they vote yes on either of them, come the next election, they're out of there, and we'll see to it that they're defeated. Honestly, I am simply delighted that America seems to finally be coming together. Maybe we can get rid of the libs and demos before the next Supreme Court nominee comes before them for a vote.

I think there's no doubt that Obama will be a one term President, if he lasts that long, having been born in Kenya. That little matter is far from dead also, and have you noticed that the White House E- Mail line for people who want to complain about the health care bill has stropped? The outrage of the D.C. Gang collecting names and numbers of protesters stopped that pretty quickly. Fox News has never had such high ratings, and neither has Glenn Beck. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!