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Originally Posted by fyc View Post
i always thought foreigners with a criminal record cant obtain entry into america.
A myth spread particularly thickly in "the movement" for some reason.

When you apply for a visa you must include your CRB sheet.On this will be detailed all of your crimes.They can and do ban people as a matter of course with any sort of a record.Then you appeal and are assessed in person by an immigration officer at your expense.Obviously townsend and his backers have access to top lawyers.He (townsend) could have a lifetime work visa (Its why you have to keep your old passport of you have one).That said townsends offence is almost certainly moral turpitude so his presence could be challenged.He can even be excluded at the point of entry even with a visa by an immigration officer.
The Who fanclub if there be such a thing will almost certainly have the details of his flights arrival in the US.

Townsend is the tip of the iceberg in the candyman case,the soham police officer and ronnie barkers son are the only 3 plus 50 other police officers engaged in child welfare !!! out of more than 5,000 subscribers from the UK who's details were passed on to the government by the FBI.
This is a scandal that is swept under the carpet what about these other 50 coppers all resigned with full pensions and are probably engaged as consultants by unsuspecting or equally perverted childcare agencies.
It was an interactive website that offered free content far in excess of anything else available on pay websites.Yet these people townsend included dug out their credit cards or in the case of the filth their Amex charge cards supplied by their constabularies and payed $100 for the hidden content !
Townsend said he was writing a book well where is it ?
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