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Default Niggers take out two coalburners and two offspring

Desmond D. Laster (left) and Anthony E. Barnes

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police have arrested five suspects in the murders of a mother and two of her young sons, as well as the shooting death of a "person of interest" in those homicides.
TODAY'S TMJ4 HD has learned there may have been some sort of love triangle between two of the victims, and some of the arrested suspects could be charged this week.
"We're currently questioning them to determine their level of involvement in each of these incidents," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Monday.
The bodies of 23-year-old Rachel Thompson, 4-year-old Torian Thompson-Carter and 3-year-old Jaden Thompson-Carter were found early Friday morning as firefighters put out a small blaze at the mother's south side duplex.
Investigators believe the fire was set to cover up the killings, Police Chief Ed Flynn said at a news conference Sunday.
Flynn declined to name any of the five suspects and would not say if the deaths were drug- or gang-related.

Police said Friday that two people were missing from the crime scene at 12th and Walker: Thompson's 6-week-old son and a 19-year-old woman who also lived at the house.
The infant, Maurice Visor Jr., was found several hours later, abandoned but unharmed in a baby carrier on a sidewalk outside a church eight miles from home.
The teenager, Brittney Robertson, was found Friday evening on the northwest side. She had died from a gunshot wound.
Flynn said police believe Robertson was involved in the death of Thompson and the children, but he declined to elaborate. He said police were investigating Robertson's death as a homicide.
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm told TODAY'S TMJ4 HD that there appears to have been a liove triangle between Thompson and Robertson, but the method of how that allegedly unraveled into a violent end is being worked out.
The homicides involve a small group of people who knew each other, and the public isn't at risk, Flynn said.
MILWAUKEE -- Anthony Barnes and Desmond Laster walked into a packed courtroom Friday morning, with Laster wearing the blue jail uniform for inmates on suicide watch.They were charged with murder in the killings of Rachel Thompson, her sons Jaden and Torian, and their alleged conspirator, Brittney Robertson.

According to the court clerk, the pair are accused of helping Brittney Robertson kill Rachel Thompson, and her two sons, 3-year-old Jaden and 4-year-old Torian. They then set fire to their Southside duplex.

The medical examiner testified Rachel was repeatedly stabbed, and that cuts on her arms and hands showed she'd fought for her life. So too, did her little boys.In the courtroom, a detective described how Thompson’s two terrified little boys fought for their lives.

“Mr. Barnes went into great detail about how Torian had struggled, and was trying to resist the plastic bag being put over his head,” said Milwaukee Police Department Detective Christopher Blaszak.The detective who took Anthony Barnes' confession detailed how he watched Desmond Laster fasten the plastic bag over Torian's head with duct tape, then used the tape to bind his hands and feet.“He told me that Jaden, who is sitting on the couch with his mother, is watching as this is going on,” said Blaszak.

Barnes said Jaden fought the plastic bag, too.“Laster and Brittney Robertson began taking tape off a roll, and they were tearing the tape with their teeth and wrapping it around the neck of jaden, who now has a plastic bag over his head,” said Blaszak. “Ultimately, both boys would end up in the bathtub.”

Barnes said the three then poured lighter fluid around the apartment, then took off. But first, Brittney Robertson grabbed Thompson's 6-week old son Maurice, who was later found safe. Thompson's family left court without comment, as did friends and family of the suspects.

Police said the two men were motivated by money. They stole $800 from Thompson before her murder.

However, police said that Robertson was motivated by jealousy. Both she and Thompson gave birth to babies born of the same father within a month of each other. Robertson’s baby died.

Police believe Robertson was the ringleader, until the two suspects turned on her.The detective who took Anthony Barnes’ confession testified that as the hours passed, Robertson and the baby separated from Barnes and Desmond Laster. Police say that's when they hatched their own plan.“
They had discussed how Brittany was becoming too hot,” said Blaszak.The pair had apparently seen the news coverage. Police had released photos of Robertson and the baby, saying they may be in danger.
“Mr. Laster told him Brit had to go,” said Blaszak.Robertson later left the baby unharmed at a church. The detective says the pair hooked up with her and drove her to the northwest side of the city, and got out of the car, telling her they were going to get some marijuana.“
Laster yelled out, ‘Now!’ and then Mr. Barnes said he walked up behind Britt Robertson, and he said he fired one shot at the back of her head,” Blaszak said.Both men have entered not guilty pleas. They’re in the county jail tonight, with Desmond Laster on suicide watch.They’re due back in court in a few weeks.
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