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Alex Linder

Snakes are dying in Florida - and no one seems to care

By Bryan Brasher on March 13, 2010 3:09 PM Share: submit to reddit Share on

A special hunting season for wild pythons began Monday in South Florida and will continue through April 17.

So for the next few weeks, anyone with a Florida hunting license and a $26 snake-hunting permit can kill Burmese pythons, rock pythons, green anacondas and several other species of slithery non-native repitles that have gotten out of in control in the Sunshine State.

The whole situation is utterly bizarre.

What I find strangest about it, though, is that the animal rights advocates - the people who are normally so vocal about issues like this - have said barely a word throughout the entire ordeal.

Every time you hear mention of a special urban hunt to lower whitetail deer populations, the animal rights people come out of the woodworks. A few years back, the save-the-animals brigade even said it was inhumane to use poison on fire ant mounds in my backyard.

So why aren't they shouting from the roof tops about this Florida snake massacre?

Where's the love for the creepy-crawly critters that can swallow a house cat or squeeze a black lab to death?