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Default From Detroit Is Crap. Five year old suffers for her aunt's mudsharking.


Niggerfilth perp:

Man Sentenced for Shooting Girl in Face

Updated: Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 6:18 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 5:39 PM EDT
UNDATED - It was an emotional day in court Thursday as a man convicted of shooting a five-year-old girl in the face went before a judge. The little girl's family spoke in court at his sentencing.
There was a great deal of emotion as the girl's family asked the judge to impose the maximum sentence for the man who terrorized them and changed their lives forever.
"How do you tell a six-year-old she was shot by a man she knew and loved? How do you answer... questions like, 'Why did Keyon shoot me, mama? I guess he never loved me,'" said De'Anne Barrett.
There were heartbreaking statements read in court from the mother of Jordayna Barrett, who was shot in the face by a man she loved and trusted. Keyon Timmons went to her mobile home in Oxford Township that day after threatening to kill his girlfriend, Jordayna's aunt, as well as her mother and two children. His girlfriend was on her way to a shelter when he arrived, so he shot Jordayna instead.
"Jordayna is now scared of everything. She is not doing well in school. Jordayna has lost 70-percent of her hearing and countless other day-to-day issues that probably have not even come up, yet. Not to mention, she is not even close to being done with her surgeries," De'Anne Barrett said.
Timmons was convicted of murder in 1997 after shooting a man in the head. He was out on parole after serving only seven years for that murder. Thursday, Timmons claimed he was innocent of shooting Jordayna.
"It's a tragic thing that happened. On the same token... despite everything happening, I still would like to... appeal this case," said Timmons.
Oakland Circuit Judge Nancy Grant exceeded the sentencing guidelines and sentenced Timmons to 50 to 80 years behind bars.
Jordayna's mother says she wants him put away for good, that they're all still afraid, especially Jordayna.
"How this whole ordeal will affect her mentally and physically as she grows up is unknown, but I'm hoping she will grow up to be a happy and healthy young lady despite of this," said De'Anne Barrett.
Timmons shot Jordayna with a .38 caliber gun. The bullet went through her cheek and neck. Four other children were inside the home at the time.
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