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Default Pregnant White Mudshark Strangled by Baltimore Jig Boyfriend

You go girl!

Video here: http://wjz.com/local/murder.besty.sue.2.1687382.html

Baltimore city police said they have arrested the boyfriend of a pregnant woman who was strangled to death and charged him in her slaying.

Betsy Riggin, 29, was found inside an apartment in northeast Baltimore last week, according to police.

Andrew Jackson, 29, of the 4100 block of Eierman Avenue, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and related charges. He was Riggin's boyfriend and the father of her unborn child, police told 11 News.

A co-worker and friend of Riggan alerted police at about 1 p.m. Thursday when she did not show up for work. Police went to the apartment to check on her welfare, and fire crews forced their way in.

Charging documents revealed that Riggin was found under her bed with bruises on her stomach, arms, neck and face. She was pronounced dead at the scene, and an autopsy determined she died by strangulation.

"My little granddaughter's 5, and when they told her Betsy was in heaven, she said, 'Betsy can't be in heaven, she's having a baby,'" said Cathy Staver, Riggin's mother, who is mourning her daughter from Illinois.

Staver told 11 News that Riggins was due in September with her first child, a boy.

Jackson, who was arrested on Friday, is being held at Central Booking. Police said he confessed to the slaying.

Staver said she never met Jackson when she came for a visit during the several years he dated her daughter, but Riggin's father had.

"Her dad thought he was so nice and so respectful and so polite, and I had no idea," Staver said.

The family said they were also unaware that Jackson had a long criminal history dating back 10 years to when he was 19.

11 p.m. Video: Suspect's Criminal History
In 1999, he pleaded guilty to assault charges. In 2002 and 2005, he pleaded guilty to drug charges, and in 2008, he was convicted of theft. On April 28, an arrest warrant was issued for Jackson after a car accident due to a probation violation, but he wasn't picked up on that warrant, officials told 11 News.

A week later, Riggin was dead.

Staver said she wasn't sure if her daughter knew about Jackson's checkered past. "I can't believe that my daughter -- knowing she was the way she was -- would tolerate anyone like that."
- Cathy Staver on Jackson's Record

"I can't believe that my daughter -- knowing she was the way she was -- would tolerate anyone like that," she said.

Staver said she's glad Jackson is behind bars.

"I've never felt so angry or hateful in my life. I didn't know I could feel this way," she said.

Since Riggin was pregnant, the case could fall under the viable fetus law, meaning Jackson would also face charges in the death of the baby.

"The medical examiner would determine, with the assistance of medical experts, that the fetus would be viable outside the womb when the murder occurred," said state's attorney Margaret Burns.

Its unclear exactly how far along Riggin was in her pregnancy, so the state's attorney's office said it is waiting for those reports before making that determination.

Meanwhile, Riggin's family is planning services for her this weekend in both Maryland and Illinois.

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