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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Clearly the theory that Steele went crazy and actually did this stupid plot is now far fetched. Based on the jail house recordings and his performance in court as provided by the Judenpresse, he is clearly not crazy.

Based on all of the comments in the local papers by the folks who know Fairfax, the latter is clearly a scumbag. Fairfax is badly in debt and has recently declared bankruptcy. I can't imagine how Steele would use him as a hit man even if he had known him for 20 years. If Steele was going to kill his wife, they would go on a camping trip in the mountains and she would fall over a cliff. Of course, any lawyer is capable of this and far worse.

Tintin makes a good point. Why has only the press within 50 miles of the crime scene followed this story? It would seem that a Nazi lawyer arrested in a murder for hire plot to kill his wife would be front page news for the Jew York Times and make TV network news.

If Steele's wife were about to divorce him; why would she cry at his first hearing, hit the wall with her hand, and demand to be allowed to talk to her husband? The son is clearly supportive of his father. I smell Juden.
To Fairfax and the feds who set up Herr Steele; were you ever turned out as a little boy? You sure sound like it. I guess you learned to love getting punked out by Jew officials right? That is why you get a boner when you ruin an innocent man's life, right? Come on Tapirs, you can tell us--we the sheeple. And why the strange censorship if Steele is guilty, eh? Are you afraid that Fairfax the Fairy might be exposed for what he is, a butt-hurt little snitch of a catamite? And to the white cops and feds who willingly ruined a White man's life--and that of his wife and family--are you also catamites who were turned out by rich Jooooooos?

I hope nigger gang-bangers off all those who were involved in deliberately ruining an innocent man's life! Just don't turn out your children too, ZigZog-lovers...