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It is a familiar story: British grandmother on holiday falls for young Gambian man and marries him only for the relationship to collapse.

The difference in this case, however, is that the African husband is the one left dreaming about what might have been.

Mary Cotnoir, 59, realised that 25-year-old waiter Demba Sanneh had wooed her purely because he wanted a visa to live in the UK.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Now, a lot of people might not agree with me on this one, but I'm an ethnic/National socialist, so it's my way of thinking that part of the responsibilities of government, aside from making sure that non whites never emigrate to a white country en mass, is to set down some very no nonsense rules regarding race mixing and some harsh, "make an example out of you" punishments for those who break the rules.

Some don't believe that the govt should have that kind of power, and, of course, zog never should, but in the course of events that we should someday have our own ethnic nations, those nations would be wise to consider this. We've already seen what happens when you let the ignorant masses make up their own minds. Even when race mixing was frowned upon, we STILL had whites going out of their way to destroy themselves and future generations.

One of my lifelong dreams is that people should one day be able to self govern. One of my adult realizations is that it will never happen.
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