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Have you ever heard of a writer named Yggdrasil?

"Now as most of you know, I finally got the females at Ygg house to agree to cancel the cable TV, the most significant and effective revolutionary act you can perform in favor of our collective survival."

"Remarkably, it is still perfectly legal!"

"Forget freedom of speech and internet censorship! You will know that our cause is permanently lost only when the inner party lobbies through a law requiring us all to subscribe to cable TV and jailing us for two years for attempted cancellation or non-payment. Thank God for Holocaust denial, which diverts so much inner party energy. What they should be doing is force feeding us cable TV even to the point of wiring our eyes open and applying drops, as in that famous scene from 'A Clockwork Orange.'"

Yggdrasil's Movie List

"At this stage in the movement for Euro-American survival, it is vital that we begin to assemble our own media libraries filled with content that we can watch repeatedly - content that will gradually isolate us from the surrounding popular culture, and allow us to pay a smaller share of our incomes to the entertainment industry."

"It is absolutely vital that we cancel our cable subscriptions, but that is extremely difficult to do unless we have quality media libraries as a substitute. Equally important, we need reliable information as to the movies you can rent or buy without fear of encountering the worst forms of negative conditioning messages and images. "