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Steven L. Akins
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[this is a very interesting comment on Greg Johnson's recent 'Holocaust' article at TOO]

Eric Hunt
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Jared Tayor, who censors whites and promotes Jews as our friends, along with MacDonald, Johnson, Mark Weber, etc, meet in California to come up with strategy such as the type displayed in this article. A “White Nationalist” who attends these meetings, (who has an asian wife) told me about this.

Jared Taylor, Mark Weber, guys with non-white wives, this is not an elite whites should accept, anymore than we should accept Mitt Romney.

It’s impossible to ignore the past. We need to reference the past to display what the Jews have repeatedly done throughout time.

Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past, controls the future. He controls the present controls the past.”

Or even better – “The Jews who control the past, control the future. The Jews who control the present, control the past.”

There’s an entire new generation out there who in the year 2012 are naturally skeptical of gas chambers and ancient Jewish fairy tales such as Noah’s Ark. Rather than show these young people the whole truth, and win them over to our side, for life, by pulling them completely out of the Jewish Matrix, the apparent elite of the White Nationalist movement is seeming to push for a “big tent” by refusing to attack two pillars of Jewish lies and total mind control – “The Holocaust” and Christinsanity.

That Judeo-Christian “Holocaust” believers can become revolutionary white Nationalists is sheer idiocy. But Christians donate…

Sell outs.