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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

What these people dont understand is the holocaust is used to beat up white kids, to demoralize them - DAILY. That alone means you have to take it on. And christ, the revisionists have proved the big H is based on two easily refuted lies - 6m dead and gas chambers as main means. So you take those facts, couple them with the proven jewish atrocities in russia/ukraine against white christians, and you go to town. These guys are extremely foolish, to say the least. And if they had any real political sense or imagination, which pretty much excludes Ph.D.s by definition, they would see what I suggested - that the so-called Holocaust being taught in all schools offers a perfect chance to get White parents involved in real politics. If the professionals can put together (their strength) an 'accredited'-level lesson unit plan on the anti-WHITE atrocites committed by the jews pushing the Big H Lie, then we might actually start getting somewhere. That would be a great basis for a national political party/movement. Imagine 5-6 white families in an area at a schoolboard meeting denouncing the Frank-'n'-Wiesel curriculum as a BLOOD LIBEL AGAINST MY PEOPLE and demanding the substitution of their own fully professional curriculum. Gee, that would throw a spanner in the works. Are jews going to show up at thousands of local school board meetings nationwide? It would be pretty hard. For the first time, we could turn our numbers to advantage, just as the homeschoolers have done.

This incredible behavior on the part of Johnson, whom I would think from his VNN background would know better, again leads back to something I alone have ever observed, since I've never seen anyone else remark on it, despite its huge significance:

Although the intellectual path from conservatism to racialism runs only one way - conservatives become racialists, racialists never become conservative - there's a suck-back: the highest-level intellectual-journalistic racialists -- like Johnson and MacDonald -- men who know better, yet still tend to suck back into professional conservatism because professional conservatives are more on their social level than most racialists, and in professional conservatism (Vdare being the notable example) they can raise more money.

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