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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Revisionism doesn't necessarily have anything to do with WN or race, nor is there any inherent need to call it revisionism. It's, rather a set of facts and arguments that can be used by anybody for his purpose, just as 'nazi' political tactics can be used by anyone. Since the jews call anyone who resists their genocidal anti-White agenda in the slightest degree a nazi, one is pulled into the debate whether one likes it or not. Since the facts are on our side, that's nothing to worry about. But instead Johnson utterly foolishly cedes basically everything the jews claim. This utter pussiness is not natural to him, it surely comes from his being badly influenced by either Taylor or MacDonald.

Jared Taylor is the worst enemy White Nationalism has. That MacDonald and Johnson continue to work with him and praise him and support him and make excuses for him shows their own weakmindedness and lack of political instincts.

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