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Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
That's the trap. Everyone has to have a living.
Johnson does. I don't think MacDonald does. He was paid quite handsomely by the state of California as a tenured professor. I mean like well into the six figures.

Those who make their livings being WN figureheads have to worry about the handouts they get.
Depends on their individual circumstances. Someone could be independently wealthy, or have an income source the kikes couldn't touch. But for people like me or I guess Don Black, that's not the case. We do need some donations to keep sites going and keep above water personally.

If they don't say what those who can and will hand out want to hear, then they are shit out of luck. Pretty soon the handouts become more important than the vision or mission, or whatever they originally aspired to.
The famous saying is: starts as cause, becomes business, ends as racket. And that is accurate, that's the natural psychological evolution if you don't resist it. Because you see how slow change is and how stupid people actually are.

I don't think money is the primary motivator, though I think it's a secondary motivator for Johnson. It's social class. Ph.D.s don't really like being around others who aren't, they see them as beneath themselves. They also tend to prefer quiet orderliness, and really dislike the hurly burly of actual politics. Basically all the average Ph.D. wants to do is write smart essays, be respected by his peers, and enjoy a nice lifestyle. But radical politics doesn't work like that. Only safe, respectable, responsible conservatism works like that.

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