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Rick Ronsavelle

I read most of it and made a post or three.

1) Whites raise- jews raze.

2) The stuff jews don't want discussed should be discussed the most

This will help the polarizarion and make it easier to dump conservatism.

Just a few years ago i would mail Alex saying "look what Taylor allowed."

So the picture gets clearer avery day.

Jason Speaks
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@Carolyn Yeager:

This is what seems “off” to me about so many White Nationalists. You had Alex Linder on your show and he flatly stated he was for the extermination of all Jews. He came out and said it was necessary to kill all of them (if I am wrong I apologize, but I am sure that is what he said). Now, here you have a guy on your show calling for the genocide of over 12 million people, today, in our world, and you don’t raise an eyebrow or express any shock. I know you didn’t say it, but nevertheless, you have a blunt call for mass extermination of a people right there on your show.

There was no shock, so apparently this kind of statement isn’t that stunning to people in certain parts of WN, especially the NS wing. So, my question is this: How in the world can a group of people who are comfortable with such statements, be taken seriously when they deny “the Holocaust”? It is as if they are saying, “we don’t believe the holocaust happened, but put us in power and we’ll make sure one does happen.” It’s a bizarre approach. Everyone listening processes the incongruity.

I realize it isn’t fair to hold anyone here accountable for what Alex Linder says, but it remains true, but people do associate Alex Linder types with WN. And this is an understandable belief, given that he is interviewed and treated respectfully on your show and I believe other WN shows.

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@Jason Speaks: I would point out to you that Linder is also hostile to national-socialism. I see his bluster as an attempt to cover an ideological deficiency.

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Clinton: Remain vigilant against Holocaust denial
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Holocaust denial and Israel criticism that crosses into anti-Semitism require vigilance.

On Tuesday, Clinton addressed a symposium at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on preventing genocide.

“Let me begin by acknowledging that here in this museum, it’s important to note that every generation produces extremist voices denying that the Holocaust ever happened,” she said. “And we must remain vigilant against those deniers and against anti-Semitism, because when heads of state and religious leaders deny the Holocaust from their bully pulpits, we cannot let their lies go unanswered.

“When we hear Holocaust glorification and public calls to, quote, ‘finish the job,’ we need to make clear that violence, bigotry will not be tolerated,” she continued. “And, yes, when criticism of Israeli government policies crosses over into demonization of Israel and Jews, we must push back.”

Clinton outlined policies that she said were aimed at genocide prevention, including training officials in detecting warning signs, the use of technology to enhance monitoring, pressuring oppressive regimes and making clear that perpetrators will be held accountable.

“But pay no attention to the little lady she’s on her way out. The holocaust isn’t important, nothing to see here, more along to the more important things WN have to think about”, says present leadership

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How about a Third Position: We openly (as a tactic) acknowledge the holocaust as presented to us for eons (gas chambers, 6 million dead, etc. etc.) but say that we are more concerned about the destruction of our own group because we have only so much sympathy and concern to spread around. So sorry.

(BM is calling for the acknowledgement of something that did not occur)