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Hunter Morrow:

Revisionism to me is about discounting the entire thing as a fraud and a lie. Saying 5,999,999 G-d's Chosen died instead of 6 million doesn't make somebody a revisionist.
Here is another example of the "revisionism" you see and is defended at CODOH:

90,000 is a far cry from the nearly 800,000 usually quoted [at Treblinka], so I would say this is quite a revision in the literal sense of the word.

"Revisionism" now means that if you claim a lower number of of jew deaths in the holohoax, even though you cannot prove / defend that lower number any more than the jews could prove / defend their absurdly high numbers, then you have "revised" the number and therefore are a "revisionist."

It appears that the CODOH censors want to make "revisionism" more of a "Big Tent" kind of thing.

Isn't that special.