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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
The usually low-rent, tatted-up assholes who bought these damn things to cover up for their tiny pricks then released them into the wild when they grew to toddler-eating size ought to be publicly flayed alive.....
Funny, your comment made me realize these should be called "muscle snakes." That's the appeal of them to the set you mentioned. The appeal to the tards must be the snakes look like they're on roids. Snake equivalent of pit bulls or other tuff dogs.

I had a lot of snakes growing up, but they were colubrids. Constrictors like boas and pythons, but much slimmer, North American snakes. Good honest respectable snakes. Ratsnakes and kingsnakes. If they had legs, they would drive to a Protestant service, of a Sunday morning.