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Hunter Morrow

I've never had the pythons or boas. They just get too large and honestly, they are kind of fat and lazy. Curl up and hide somewhere, don't do shit. The other variety of snakes are way more active.

I've had king snakes, pine snakes, corn snakes and rat snakes caught from Wisconsin which get to be long, are quite beautiful, never, ever have I had a feeding issue with them, either. I've also collected Hognose snakes and was able to get them to not only eat their natural diet of frogs, toads, salamanders and lizards but frozen prepared foods and freshly killed mice and rats.

Also, when you get through with them, you can just let the snake go because they are native to where you live. They will not be "domesticated" and they will go straight back into the forest, park, grain silo or field you found them and do their thing.

States are being overrun by people who do what I did with hognosed snakes with anacondas, burmese pythons, reticulated pythons, etc. They are 15, 20+ fucking feet modern day dinosaurs. From the thread, that is a great term for them. Apart from zoos and pro herpetologists, nobody should own them. You have to get a license to own 2 dogs in America but any shit-for-brains can go down to the pet shop and buy legit 15+ footers menaces to ecology and society.

Everybody gets them when they are cute but they don't conceive of it being 50 pounds of pure muscle and wrath that laughs at the pet store rat and wants to be fed rabbits and broaster roosters.

Good luck, fucker. Those things will literally eat you out of house and home. Until you throw 'em out the car down south. Like a loser.

Edit: My suggestion for people with hard-ons for owning pythons and boas would be to get Australian pythons. Beauty, activity, appropriate size and demeanor. Ah, but if you got one of those, it wouldn't add 2 inches to your dick, now would it, Cleatus?

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