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Default Personal self defence

The best self defence is to choose those whom you associate with wisely, since half to three quarters of rapes, assaults and murders are committed by family and/or friends known to the victim, usually when drunk or high. Avoid Jews, non-Whites and substance abuse/rs, and you risk profile will improve drastically

The police encounter and deal with the issues and type of people we encounter, so it's a good idea to use as much of their equipment and methods as possible, as well as their immobilising techniques etc.

These studies are of the various kinds of arrests, weapons used etc

Military equipment, training etc is designed for a totally different situation, to be used by groups against groups, mostly outside, and will not go down well in court.

One needs to bear in mind that one will appear in court afterwards, and be prepared for queer Jews and blacks to be prosecuting and judging.
If one used police equipment, it makes it more difficult to fault you for doing so. Its also been tested daily in the same environments we move in. It also helps to understand what you may be faced with one day if a police state is established.

Most handguns are far too weak for self defence, but are practical.
Guns don't kill people, bullets do. For defence, you need to train for double tap, centre of mass, no matter what calibre. Most defence is at close range, and you and most importantly the weakest, most vulnerable members of your family need to be able to defend themselves.
Criminals prefer to attack the elderly, women and children, and usually do so in groups of at least 3 or more.

Whatever gun you use, ensure you and the rest of your family can use it under all situations.
Even if you use a large calibre for defence, the .22 works just fine for practice and learning. Once you master a .22, any other calibre is easy, and the .22 rifle is itself in effect the NATO round.

Kids should be out and about as cubs and scouts, and busy with pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, and martial arts, especially boxing and judo as soon as possible.
The world is a rough place, one must be prepared.

These are the army reserve marksmen.Lots of good advice on their channel.

Shotguns are best around the house, great fun outside, and far cheaper and easier to learn to use in a stressful situation, and your wife and younger kids can use it too..

Rifles are chosen by the military for a reason.
Results shown from 4:25 onwards from 300 yards.

One needs to bear in mind that most self defence shooting starts at 5 yards.

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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