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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
All in the Family was the kikiest show of all time, but I still get a laugh out of it because because, despite being one the worst leftist goy jew-tools, melon-headed Carroll O'Connor was a comic genius.
Without a doubt it was; the very first of its kind to set a new standard by openly slapping White America right in the fucking kisser. And though the show's creator, the jew Norman Lear, intended for Archie to be laughed at, it just may be that it backfired on his tuchis, because I, along with damn near everyone I knew, was actually laughing with the man, not at him.

As far as O'Connor being a comic genius goes: yeah, that's true as far as Family went, no argument there. But unlike most actors who've played what jews determine to be bigots, racists, antisemites, misogynists, homo-haters, etc. and who, as a result, have a burning desire to do penance for their decidedly un-PC roles by publicly displaying their liberal credentials in media interviews, O'Connor showed them a new way of redeeming themselves: grab the lead role in a show about a Southern sheriff who goes out of his way to show just how much he adores black ass by marrying a negress. Presto-change-o! instant redemption!
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