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Originally Posted by Bardamu View Post
Although I can understand that some don't mind digging the pearls out of the river of shit that is tv, I personally reap pleasure from not having one in the house. Tv's are contaminated, and there is no way some of the sewage doesn't leak onto your floor no matter how careful you are.
And you, my man, are to be commended...

In my defense, I rarely watch TV anymore; I pretty much use the fucking thing to view DVDs. Besides the fact that this ultimate of brainwashing tools is controlled by you-know-who -- and therefore serves well the scum's agenda of deriding everything, and everyone, once held in high esteem by White America -- I cannot stand the multitude and length of advertisements; and it just gets worse as the years roll by.

I can remember as a kid in the '60s watching half- or hour-long shows when, the station taking a commercial break, the absolute total running time of ads was between 30 and 60 seconds long; then it was right back to "Batman", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" or whatever the hell we were watching. Today the average length of time between commercial breaks and the resumption of show is anywhere between 5-7 minutes, sometimes longer -- sometimes much longer. A couple years back TV Land ran back-to-back episodes of All in the Family right around dinner hour. Once, after having watched the first episode and just as the credits were rolling down the screen, I decided to time just how long it would be before the next one would begin. Know how long that was? I shit you not: a full eleven minutes.
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