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Linder on "Micro-Aggression":


Rudeness Rebranded: Jews Promote White 'Micro-Aggressions' as Hate Crimes Lite

By Alex Linder [index]

'Micro-aggressions' is a new term in vogue these days among the antiwhites who call themselves progressives. I'm not sure where it originated, or who took the decision to popularize it, but it doesn't matter. We know the general source and intent. We certainly see this new-ish term in heavy rotation here at the end of 2013, so it bears taking a look at.

'Micro-aggressions' are bad manners exhibited by whites toward minorities. Jews pretend these bits of rudeness are a systematized oppression that amounts to a lighter form of hate crime. Of course, minorities and jews exhibit the same behavior -- and much worse -- toward whites, but it goes without saying colored-on-white manners crimes go unacknowledged. It's not a micro-aggression when blacks say whites smell like wet dogs - it's funny. Just as it's not hate speech when jews portray Southerners as toothless inbreds living in trailers.

Two typical examples of what jews term micro-aggressions:

1) White asks non-white where he or she is from, or really from. Variant: white asks 'what' are you? meaning ethnicity/race.

2) White asks if she can feel the minority's hair, most typically, or makes comment about some other racial/ethnic physical feature.
These derelictions of social intercourse are now branded and packaged -- politicized -- as 'micro-aggressions.' Compared to real hate crimes, like 'gay' bashing or calling a nigger nigger they're mini-mes. They're bite-size candybars. They're Reese's Pieces, or Junior Mints. They're the other Milk Duds.

The concept of 'micro-aggressions,' like most political terms devised by jews, is best understood by looking to the intent of the devisers, rather than to the reality the term ostensibly describes. Why do they call certain behaviors 'aggressions' rather than rudeness or bad manners some other neutral, descriptive term? Is a white girl who says, ooh you have cool hair, can I touch it? really making a racial attack on a black girl? Is she truly being aggressive? Of course not. She is being rude, perhaps. She is being intrusively personal. She is exhibiting bad manners. But she is not attacking the other person. Therefore, the devisers of this term are deliberately, for political purposes, mischaracterizing the behavior and the motives behind the behavior they seek to categorize under this newfangled term in order to demonize a certain set of people. We know who that is. 'Micro-aggression' is merely the latest concept jews have developed in their eternal war on white people.

Quite simply, the real aggression comes not from the whites whose actions judeo-leftists characterize as micro-aggressions but from the jews who label the behavior that way. And there's nothing micro about it. It is part of a much broader package of terms and categorizations that we here at VNN are long familiar with.

Mere white existence is a hate crime, according to rabbis. We aren't even people. We're dirty animals and unclean beasts: that's what shaigetz and shiksa and goyim mean. Everything we do is hateful, racist and oppressive. We should simply disappear, as Oprah said the other day. Everything we do in relation to coloreds is racist, unfair, discriminatory, oppressive, aggressive and hateful. We should just die already.

'Micro-aggression' is an imaginary behavior on our part concocted by jews engaged in all-too-real macro-aggression against us. As always, you take the common parlance employed in antiwhite media, flip it on its head, and you have the real truth. The actual aggression is against whites by jews - and by their colored tools, who are encouraged to hate and blame whites for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Aggressive, genocidal hatred of and actions toward others has been the jewish stock in trade as long as the tribe has existed. Most of its holidays, after all, celebrate the genocide of one of its bottomless well of enemies. Chutzpah is the jewish term for brazen lying of the type that informs the cynical use of 'micro-aggression' to describe the behavior in question. Jews, it is true, are the most hateful people on earth. Jews are a tribe engaged in perpetual macro-aggression against all others. This warfare is carried on continually across all fronts - legal, social, martial and verbal.

'Micro-aggression,' as a political term, is a subdivision under the general category of 'racism.' We know from experience that 'racist' is a codeword for white. Not for white of this or that political stripe, but just whites generally. 'Micro-aggression' comes from that same background idea: all whites are guilty. If that's true, then by definition, whatever whites do is bad too. A poisoned well doesn't give potable water. It remains only to track down, name and neutralize the various subspecies of poisonous white being and behavior. That's what jewish verbal psedo-scientists are doing with 'micro-aggression.' If the day ends in 'y,' jews have come up with yet another evil form of white behavior targeting minorities and exhibiting racism.

It's useful, from the jew's point of view, to have a variety of terms to express the same concept. It hides what they're doing, makes their bigotry appear more neutral or scientific. Jews use all kinds of terms to disparage whites, but they all branch conceptually off racism. Whites are guilty by virtue of existence. It's not what they say. It's not what they do. It's what they are that's the problem. That's the bottom line in jewish eyes, and that is the crucial thing for all white to understand. They can't say it openly because, well, then whites have nothing to do but fight back. Better to let them think they can save themselves by reforming their behavior. Even though they can't.

When you understand this, it's easy see the political language for what it is. The template is always the same. We're always the bad guys. Everything we do is racist and must be stopped or changed. Our race must be destroyed, even as it doesn't even exist, except for when it's oppressing others. So the white race doesn't exist, but it does oppress others. Apparently our race is a ghost. Competing, contradictory, even nonsensical claims - it doesn't matter, as long as they tend in the same direction, to create the same impression, to attack the right target. Jews don't care that you can't rationally claim the white race doesn't exist and simultaneously that it is uniquely racist and oppressive, it's all good mud to fling at the white wall.

Racism, hate crimes, micro-aggressions, white privilege - all terms aimed at stigmatizing, intimidating, attacking and blaming our people. All terms designed to denigrate us, deny what we've achieved, and dispossess our property and to destroy and uproot our culture. All part of genocidal plan conceived with genocidal intent by jews who do nothing all day but complain about genocide.

The concept of 'micro-aggressions' helps instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in ordinary whites. No matter which way they turn, no matter what they do, no matter what they say, they are guilty. If they don't reach out to nonwhites, they're guilty of not being inclusive, not supporting diversity. If they do, they're guilty of micro-aggressions. Can't win. Whites are wrong either way - always. The underlying message here is: white person, no matter what you do, you can't escape being called racist. Because you are racist! Your white skin is the proof. The subtext is that we should just disappear, because that is the only way to end racism, with racism being the worst problem in the world, and responsible for most of the others.

Terms such as micro-aggressions give the minority all the power. The jew helpfully provides the braindead negro with all the hate categories he needs to justify anything he does to whites or complain about anything whites do or ask of him. He can't lose - every excuse has been custom-tailored to his dusky needs. Poverty! Racism! Explain all his woes - and the white man is responsible for all of those. I mean, it can get cuter, but no real need. Those two are like vinegar - they perform every trick.

The minute a white does something a nonwhite doesn't like, he calls it racist, and the white backs off. That's the model the jews shoot for. That's the mental prison they're trying to construct. Intimidate whites. Steal their stuff. Genocide them. Everything they have is stolen. Everything they have they don't deserve, they didn't earn. Get everybody thinking like this by getting all the public school teachers and journalists and politicians on the same page, promoting the same antiwhite misconceptions in lockstep.

Using verbal concoctions to create a false reality and a hostile environment for whites is what jewish rhetoric and dialectics strive for. Since no other group owns the mass media, jewish antiwhite verbal constructions are privileged. Jews alone enjoy the privilege of accusing others, of making demands, of defining public opinion. They go unchallenged because they have the power to keep anyone who disagrees with them off the air. And they have the nerve to talk about white privilege. There is nothing on earth remotely comparable in power or scope with jewish privilege.

Anything, anyone even potentially opposed is a hateful hater preaching hate in the jew-controlled always-antiwhite mass media. Jewish terms alone enjoy the repetition that breeds public recognition and acceptance. More accurate terms are kept off the air. Better ways of seeing things are denied the public, confined to the open part of the internet. Micro-aggressions is one tiny plant in the verdure of verbal warfare, this Propasphere, as my old partner called it. Everything jew word-masters do is to render ordinary whites incapable of perceiving accurately what is actually going on. All they need to know is what they'd better say and not say, if they know what's good for them. They don't need to know why, or who's running things, or to what end, they just need to listen to orders and follow them.

With 'micro-aggressions,' to repeat, the intent is to turn ordinary rudeness or intrusiveness -- or even just simple awkwardness -- into an attack driven by a racial animus. As always, it is the one using the term who is guilty of what he's claiming about the other.

And appreciate the ironies here, for they many and impacted. Jews -- alone -- took down our borders. They reversed our white immigration policy in 1965 to let in third worlders instead of Europeans. They lied we were a "nation of immigrants" and an "experiment" and an "idea," rather than a real nation based in blood and history. They demanded we respect the other. Listen to him, appreciate him, give him legal preference over our own kind via 'affirmative action' (antiwhite discrimination).

When whites take their marching orders and start paying attention to the burgeoning coloreds, and asking them about where they're from, and questions about their cultural differences - then THAT becomes an 'issue.'

Whites can't win. They've got us coming and going. No matter what we do, we're the bad guys. We're the racist aggressor, they're the innocent victim. It never changes. Since the jews control the idea-making and idea-spreading institutions, they control the terms of debate. Many can see what's going on. But no one is able to do anything about it. So the jews continually coin new terms of white abuse and encourage and develop and promote new forms of whitebashing, verbal and physical.

Again, the ultimate end is our people's genocide. There's certainly nothing micro about that, but everything aggressive.

'Micro-aggressions' is just one more new little way to harass and attack whites. It's part of a package. It's not the first or the last of its type. There will new ones down the pike, new antiwhite terms, new antiwhite forms, new antiwhite claims, new antiwhite practices. Anything that whites do at levels or in ways different from non-whites they are eventually going to be singled out and attacked on. That's how jews operate. They examine every aspect of our racial character and racial personality and puzzle out ways to attack and to destroy it. Meanwhile, we are hardly even conscious of ourselves as a race, much less as a race under attack. The jews know us better than we know ourselves. But they don't like us. They want to destroy us. The concept of micro-aggressions helps them do that. And that, ultimately, is what the term means: a new arrow in the jewish quiver to shoot at whites.

The personal is the political...

Let's look a little more at the context in which a concept like 'micro-aggressions' has evolved. As always, let's go from the outside in. From the galaxy to the microdot.

The biggest context is that jews are at racial war with whites. Whites, most of them, aren't aware of this war, although they often see and dislike the symptoms of this ongoing campaign. Jews seek to analyze and destroy every aspect of successful white society. They seek to problematize and pathologize, as academics say, everything that makes us us. Everything we do and say is wrong, even if we agree with them. The real problem, which they have to be a little cagey about, is that we exist. But as they grow in power, the veils come off, the masks drop, and they say openly what they desire: white genocide. Jews from Susan Sontag to Noel Ignatiev to Tim Wise all advocated or advocate white genocide. Concepts like micro-aggressions may seem tiny, but they're part of a genocidal campaign. That is the only way in which they can truly be understood.

Dropping to the mid level, remember the sixties. To the judeo-bolshevik revolutionaries of that era, now half a century ago (!), to the everyday leftists, "the personal is political." Now, this was a feminist slogan, but I think it fits wonderfully in a slightly different application. The personal is the political, translated for whites, means that there is no private space. Every single act and behavior and decision you make is charged - is political. Every decision you make gets hauled before the jewish-communist Star Chamber and forced to justify itself. If it's white and normal, it's found guilty and must be done away with. Jewish 'religion' is said to have over 600 commandments. It is totalitarian, in other words. if jews micromanage themselves and are, as studies show they are, prone to paranoia and other mental diseases at rates much higher than other groups, how much stronger must their urge to control others be? This means they simply won't leave anyone alone. Everything you dirty goyim do must be open to our inspection and subject to our approval. That's not theorizing, that's reality. That is precisely how they think. That was the mindset behind the jew-produced Soviet Union, and it murdered tens of millions of white people just like you and me.

In the spirit of 'the personal is political,' white manners and intercourse with minorities can be examined for flaws. And of course it's the same with behavior as words: the white can do no right. Those things only are assigned whiteness or identified with our race that make us look weird, goofy, hostile or evil. That a man's white proves he's wrong. Anyone opposed to the jewish agenda is morally evil and mentally ill - simply by virtue of the fact he disagrees with the left. There is something not just politically but morally and medically wrong with the racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. This is nuts. But it's not just nuts. It's often law. Literal, legal law. That should be frightening. What the jews, for they are always, in every case, found to be the driving power behind anything the left does, attempt to do is verbally foreclose opposition and legally outlaw it. So you can't express opposition to their agenda for your race without becoming a literal criminal. But neither can you even defend your position verbally with commonly circulated terms because they have all been pre-prejudiced in leftists' favor. You can try to use your own rational, solid terms and frames, but as they find no echo in the controlled media, people increasingly can't figure out what you're talking about. Jews are verbal totalitarians, as well as -- better put, as part of their political totalitarianism. No space for the right, no public platform for the right, as communist jew Herbert Marcuse stated and advocated. By the same token, No space for white is the working System policy as we enter 2014. We're a guilty race that should simply close shop and disappear. That's the one and only good thing we can do. All jew politicking and verbal machinations conduce to this end. All their lies and manipulations aim to induce this mindset in the race they hate. Since they enjoy near total media control, and total mass media control, they achieve their aim fairly well over time. Only on the internet is their widespread recognition and resistance to what they're doing. In the real world, only Golden Dawn in Greece has taken this understanding and turned it into some measure of political reality on the ground. And of course, it's not just the public jews brainwash through their media. They're also the ones teaching the teachers and indoctrinating the cops. Seeing to it that everybody thinks or is forced to pretend to think the same way they do. Anyone off the reservation is a dangerous hate criminal and potential terrorist, subject to arrest at any time for any easily concocted reason.

All that stuff we discussed in the last paragraph can legitimately and accurately be described as macro-aggression.

Indeed, just as with the concept of hate crimes, a good portion of the utility of the bogus concept of micro-aggression is that it distracts attention from real aggression. A white girl cooing over a black girl's hair, and asking if she can touch it, is somehow more worthy of discussion and a greater infraction than to a black gang's beating up white kids daily in the halls of the integrated public school. The latter is never discussed, indeed, while the former goes on to fame and riches as a world-renowned 'micro-aggression.'

In a jew eyes, the real crime is this: Living While White. Everything else is just a refinement on that basic theme. Jews hate whites for what they are. They want to destroy us. They pretend we're doing this or that wrong, which suggests we could correct course, but there isn't any way to satisfy them, even if we were doing something wrong in the first place, which we aren't. They simply want us to disappear. Their dumber stooges will say this openly, as Oprah did recently. Racist simply means white. If everything whites do is racist, and the very concept of micro-aggression is a good example, then it must be whiteness itself, the white race itself, that is the real problem. And that is exactly the case. Whites are cruelly forced to play a game they can't win, and then scolded, harassed, insulted, railroaded, murdered when they can't come up with the right answer. There is none. You're wrong because you're white. That's all any of this means.

Message: fight back as a race or die. Not as a region. Not as a religion. As a race. You're not under attack as a religion - jews don't care if you're christian, that just means you're easy to control. Jews don't care if you're Southern, that just means you don't read books. Jews do care if you're white. Because, no matter how dumb 'n' duped the sprayer and spreader, your white balls and ovaries contain men and women with the potential to defeat jews and end them as a threat to whitekind for all time.

* * *

The concept of 'micro-aggression' belongs to the same ideological and technical class as the concept of 'hate crime' - it's an attempt by our racial enemy to create a sort of 'affirmative action for whites' category, if you see what I mean. Whites need a hand up in committing crimes, since they aren't as naturally gifted at it as blacks are. So jews create special categories of crimes -- thought and manners -- that whites are better able to fill. Get it? See how clever it is? Jews create special categories of crimes -- thought crimes (they call hate crimes) and manners crimes -- and then use the mass media they control to go on and on and on about these until everybody believes they are real things. But even if they were, which they are not, they wouldn't matter an ounce next to real crime (rapes and murders and such) committed by the blacks and browns jews not only champion in that same media but force at gunpoint into our formerly safe, settled and successful communities.

Do you truly understand how deeply outrageous this all is?

Do you?

What are we going to do about it?

Do you truly believe, deep down, jews could change their behavior, even if they wanted to?

I don't. I think the evidence shows they cannot. Under pressure they appear to back off, but that's what it is - an expedient withdrawal. The second the pressure's off, they're back to their implacable course.

They must go. They must be exterminated before they wipe us out. They utterly and completely deserve to join god's scrap heap with the other 99.9% of species that once creeped upon the earth but are now extinct.

These noxious, pestiferous, lethal, genocidal jews have the chutzpah to put a white man's bad thoughts or rude behavior are put on the same level as a non-white's actual crime - actual rape or murder. That's not even accurate, though, because as we know, the jew-run antiwhite mass media consider a white man saying 'nigger' a far worse 'crime' than a black 'man' murdering a white. Just look at what garners the coverage. Look at the tone of the coverage. Hush crimes don't get any coverage. Anyone saying nigger gets a thousand cameras in the face. Even if it was thirty years ago and the nigger the white referred to had a gun in her face (Paula Deen).

You happy living in this world?

You think this state of affairs is good for you and your kind?

If you do, then you're the harbinger of whites become pet cats and dogs. They used to be wildcats and wolves. Now they're pussies and puppies.

Is that good enough for you?

If you go to a christian shop, I already know what your answer is.

It's yes.

You choose an imaginary jewish science-fiction hero over your own people.

How pathetic a creature are you!

One marvels at your deliberate, self-gelding, weak-minded dopiness.

* * *

Why have one special category for punishing whites when you can have two? Why settle for one way to distract attention from the incredibly high criminality rates of black/brown populations when you can have two? Hence, create and popularize 'micro-aggressions': small nasty things whites do every day of the year that victimize innocent, noble people of color, just trying to make their way in the world without people asking them where they're really from, or if they can touch their cool weird 'hair.' A neat little side dish to accompany the main course of hate crimes.

It's all part of creating a fantasy world that is the photographic negative of the real world. In the real world, whites are dozens of times likelier to be the victim of real crime committed by a black than a black is to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a white. That fact, which shows up in every FBI crime report ever compiled, is never reported in the mass media, aka antiwhite media. When I say never, I don't mean seldom. I mean never. All media efforts go to portray whites as people endlessly and undeservedly receiving special treatment from law and media, while plucky coloreds face nothing but discrimination and abuse. The concept of 'micro-aggressions,' is simply rudeness rebranded. Anyone who has watched the rise of reality tv, and who has enough intellectual edification to have heard of the Frankfurt school, knows that jews in power deliberately promote the loosening of social ties and personal behavior through careless sex, drug use and general low-rent deportment. In short, these powerful jews promote the very rudeness they implicitly decry in their propaganda term 'micro-aggressions', as a way to break down social relations, making white society easy for them to digest, digest meaning profit off and hide in. jews are like their fellow vermin, the ignoble rat. They don't like food put up, everything spic and span. they like leftovers laying around, lots of ripped open garbage bags strewn over the streets and alleys. They have more to eat, and it's safer. The more freaks, weirdoes, zombies, junkies, hacky-sack players, BDSM/LGSTU sex deviants, coloreds from a thousand failed nations there are creeping and crawling around North America (or any white nation), the less conspicuous hooknosed, sneering, profiteering jews are. Did jews not push white society to become looser-ruder-cruder? Ever hear:

- let it all hang out" means
- sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
- whatever floats your boat
- it's all good
- 1000 other Goldberg-produced variations on a theme?

Do you understand their deeper meaning, white man? I bet you don't. They're all scientifically (if you believe what's going on in the Frankfurt School is science) designed to murder your inner White Man, or, in jewese, your inner "Authorian Personality" - the there there in whiteness, according to the Frankfurt School - an academic group made up of jews booted out of Hitler's Germany for promoting the same type of nasty 'culture' you now see on tv 24 hours a day. Most of those given the boot went to the USA, where they resumed their anti-social, anti-white activities the minute they crawled out of the surf. The 'Authoritarian Personality' is the jew's prejudicial term for what is good in white men, which is the part jews hate and fear and want to destroy (basically continence and uprightness in mind, body and soul - integrity of being). They can't do it alone, not easily. They need your help. The 'culture' they produce is designed to solicit your participation without your realizing what you're getting into, what the implications are. You just sort of fall into doing what they design for you because you literally are not aware there are other options, so seamless is the propaganda, coming at you from every single authority, whether preacher, teacher, politician, piece of paper or plasma screen. It's the human equivalent of the goldfish bowl thing. 'Sexual liberation' as a means of political control, is a very valid summary of the current state of affairs. The (jewish) powers that be take your freedom and give you sexual license in return, is how Huxley put it. Everything we're talking about is part of the same fabric, a panel in the same jewish smotherin' quilt intended for you on your deathbed.

So these obnoxious little 36-short semitic stinkbugs come up with yet another smear concept to guiltimidate whites. 'Micro-aggressions' is part of a seamless verbal world in which whites can do no right and coloreds no wrong. Everything whites do is offensive. They aren't part of the problem, they are the problem. Basically, jews are torturing white with words. Knowing most whites aren't smart enough to figure out what's going on. Even if they are, what are they going to do about it?

What fun they have: whites are evil. Yet, race doesn't exist. You can feel their semito-snorts at their own outrageousness shaking the room. Whites are only conceded racial existence for rhetorical-political purposes. We're a bashin' race, as it were. We exist to be shat on. To be blamed for everything that goes wrong with others. We get credit for nothing. Anything we appear to have contributed was stolen from others. It's best that we just shut up and melt away. We're lucky the rest even tolerate us. This is what is conveyed by the jews through their institutions. And our race, having no serious leaders, somehow stupidly finds a way to go along with it. It truly is amazing, from a certain standpoint, considering the panorama theoretically.

What jews convey to minorities: Whites don't exist and they're evil - bash them freely, whether verbally or physically. We jews will run interference for you. In short, open season on whitey. Together we will destroy the white man and his society, and make him our slave, until finally he and his foul kind pass out of existence.

Whites are confused and disheartened by the message their race is simultaneously non-existent and evil. Who wants to be part of a force for evil? Who wants to be part of something that doesn't exist? So they must embrace diversity. They must reach out. But when they do, they're offensive. They're rude and aggressive. Presumptuous and phony.

You see...I belabor the point...there's no way to win. And that is by design. For some reason, the White mind has a particularly difficult time grasping this concept of a rigged game.

The concept of 'micro-aggressions' is just one little instrument in an ongoing torture of a people. It's a tool used by psychological terrorists to demoralize a despised opponent. It and its friends are the mental equivalent of the physical torturers loosed in human communities in the name of civil rights and integration. Of all the peoples of the world, jews are the most vicious, the most prone to torture others, and the most hateful.

Do you see now what's going on? Isn't it incredible? And it's all directed by this people that never stops harping about how hated and victimized it is - uniquely so. When in fact, the truth is the exact opposite: jews aren't the victims, they're the torturers, tormenters and twisters of word and world. They're not the victims of genocide, they're the practitioners of it. Driving whites crazy by torturing them en route to killing them off is the game. Death is the only 'good' option for white man. The politicization of normal social intercourse with the intention, as always, to cast whites, particularly white men, as the bad guys, and coloreds as undeserving and innocent victims. That's all 'micro-aggressions' is - the latest in a long line of undistinguished but useful smears.

Notice also the way jewish politics create a problem they can use as a pretext for new forms of whitebashing - just the way centralized government creates or exacerbates problems it can use as pretext for expanding its powers (healthcare). Most of these solecisms collected under 'micro-aggressions' are impolite behavior that traditional white manners would have held to be prying, hence impolite, hence not done. The Authoritarian Personality didn't make indelicate personal inquiries or try to stroke the steel wool blacks call hair. But jews Frankfurted privacy, dignity, self-restraint and manners into the dustbin of social history, and the rudnesses they now, for political reasons, pretend to lament, are one predictable and intended result. 'Micro-aggressions' the concept is just the Frankfurt cleanup crew coming in picking up the beer cans the morning after the party to make a little money recycling the aluminum.

We normally see jews transform politics into manners, because we live in mentally feminized society where this is effective - disagree with an illiberal, "you're rude" is often a successful debate closer; but here we see the opposite - things that really are matters of manners transformed into politics.

Just as a new species of wildcat has been discovered in South America, the olinguito, and northern Missouri, the boolagong, we need a new species of white man to appear - one who knows all the tricks - and has the moral courage to stand his ground, and the political ability to deliver more and heavier and ultimately telling counter-abuse.

It is time for us to evolve, white men who desire a future.