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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

british paper describes tit-munching kingsnake as a gigantic beast. i had california kingsnakes, and they do not have fangs. ... well, it is the Daily Fail


[to be fair, daily mail does a good job of getting the good stories, it just does a really shitty job of writing them up - misspellings, facts-that-aint, etc.]

On the loose: The snake's owner Gareth Niven (pictured) said Hiss escaped from his tank six months ago. He thinks Hiss is likely to have been living in a derelict house that separates his and Ms Griffin's properties

[just a great group of people, those british. bunch of fucking super-sized albino oompa-loompas, appoint the snake queen]

Despite there being no risk to Ms Griffin as a result of the bite, kingsnakes are constrictors and the reptile may have killed her had it wrapped itself around her neck.

[umm, yeah...unless she had like, uh, hands to pull it off]

During a previous bid for freedom, he was on the loose in the neighbourhood for two years.

[it is self-evident the average brit is less intelligent than a snake]

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