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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by Abzug Hoffman
I smell a new campaign in the wind that will make the herd frantic that 'Christians' have too much control over the airwaves and are subjecting all TV to - horrors- 'censorship' . "So unAmerican!"

In fact, I don't think any kind of white American Christian could watch Time Warner for five minutes and not be sickened and appalled at the judeo-negro trash they see.
Hedonist: he who dies with the most toys wins!
Christian: he who forgives the most trespassers wins!

Which of these bogus philosophies leads to running over to embrace the drunk African-American who just ran over your little boy?

The logic of Christian forgiveness is probably not understood by the averge Christian any more than the average nigger understands the true purpose of civil rights. But, just like the nigger, he knows what it means real plain: the more you let people abuse you, the greater forgivenness you can display, the better Christian you are. We all suffer the negative externalities of this insanity. We can't turn it off any more than we can turn off the effects of televitz on our neighbors.

In fact, Christians tend to combine the worst features of the coward, the idiot, the hedonist, and the slave. The only jew the christian doesn't fear is jesus. The only sinner he doesn't forgive is the racist. And whoever saw any more prehensile group of white monkeys than the televangelist audience? Could any group be stupider, greedier, more desperately ludicrous?

And even their smart ones are curs. Almost every last one. I dug up some of my old books the other day, including five books of media criticism written in the seventies and eighties. Four were written by jews, naturally enough. One was written by a La Haye, yes, I believe the same one, back before the great upraveling. This monkey goes on and on about "secular hyoomanists." Nary a word about kikes. I truly wonder what wonders we're missing because of 2,000 years of the retardation of the white race the Christian church is responsible for.