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Abzug Hoffman

You forget that in white Christian America blacks lived on the other side of town, if there were any, and had little to do with whites unless they knew how to mind their manners. And Christians never spent a lot of time forgiving each other, they spent a lot of time hating immorality and worrying about their own souls.

What is going on our TV is a constant stream of porno/propaganda to destroy a Christian America that probably only people 45 and up remember. The Christians are the helpless ones, make no mistake.

From Justin Raimundo, regarding Abu Graib but *applicable to Time Warner TV* as well:
"The Abu Ghraib photo gallery of S&M imagery, far from being a prank, is art. Monstrously perverted, even vile, yet the sheer horror of it, calculated to elicit an emotional reaction, qualifies it as such, at least technically, as much as the work of Robert Mapplethorpe. What we are talking about, in this case, is the art of propaganda, or, at least, the nexus where pornography and propaganda meet.

The two forms have much in common. Both are inherently crude, and share a certain hectoring, relentless style calculated to bypass the brain and go directly to the lower cortex with their messages, respectively:

All women are whores (heterosexual),

All men are whores (gay male),

All Arabs are whores (U.S. Department of Defense)...."