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Christians like to claim that their great religion was just fine over much of the last thousand years; only recently has it been "hijacked" by jews and turned into a disgrace. But the Bible has remained largely unchanged all this time, only the interpretation of it has changed. And it is my opinion that it is finally being interpreted correctly.

Where was the brotherly love when Christians were slughtering pagans all throughout the Dark Ages? Or when they fought each other over trivial ideological differences while Turkish armies advanced as far as Vienna? Those old Christians weren't living in the footsteps of Jesus at all. Back then, it wasn't as much of a worldview as it was a business. Most of the first xtains were converted because the Romans gave out incentives to those who became priests or Church officials. The popes were rich and corrupt, and behaved more like emperors. Early Christian kings were known to kill thousands of enemies in battle, and then pay monks enormous amounts of money to pray away their sins, since they couldn't possibly make up the deficeit themselves. How absurd is it to recite an arbitrary amount of prayers relative to the number of enemies you killed? Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

Christianity is not a warrior religion, no matter what anyone tries to say. Anytime you hear Christians cite "manly" quotes from the Bible, they are almost always from the Old [Jew] Testament. But the underlying message of the New Testament is to LOVE ALL OF GOD'S BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Hell, look at the Beatitudes-- Blessed are the meek, Blessed are the poor in spirit, Blessed are the peacemakers, the merciful, the poisecuted, and so on. Barf.

And starting within the last few decades, we've seen Christians who've looked at the Bible harder and have concluded, correctly so, that Jesus was basically an ancient hippie who just wanted everyone to get along and chill out, man. And so Christianity has finally come unto its own as a new-age worldview.

So now, when you see American Christians setting up water stations in the desert for Mexican invaders, remember that God loves all His Children. When you see fags who enjoy raping little boys (and occasionally cannibalizing them), just remember that Jesus always forgives, and there is plenty of room in heaven for alternative lifestyles. When you see politicans bitching about how homeless niggers need more money, just remember that they deserve every penny, because blessed are the meek. And when you hear loony Christian ministers rambling about "God's Chosen", just remember the book that they got it all from.