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Why isn't billionaire Jew Sumner Redstone (real & actual birth name=Murray Rothstein) whose 76% ownership of Viacom (CBS, MTV, VH1, Nickelodian, Simon & Schuster and 1,000 Westwood One radio stations) not in prison TODAY for broadcasting this filthy race-mixing teenage orgy on CBS not once, BUT TWICE?

Jew Murray Rothstein, I guess you weren't satisified with hypnotizing White kids with your hateful Mau Mau jungle jive show- YOU HAD TO PUT THIS VIDEO ON TV FOR LITTLE BEAUTIFUL INNOCENT WHITE GIRLS!-

Vanguard News Network's Newspaper, "The Aryan Alternative". Recommended articles- "Fahrenheit 451" on page 5 and "The Game May Change, But The 'Groidz Stay The Same" on page 7-