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Originally Posted by keifer View Post
But it cant poke.
This blade profile has just one trick that it's real good at, which is pulling the blade toward the user. It's a dangerous knife for user that cant be used for thrusting. It might be good for cleaning horse hooves.
I haven't been in a knife fight, but I've been in plenty of fights otherwise, but I reckon the first thing both people would do in a knife fight is stand/position themselves in a way where a thrust to a vital wasn't gonna be easy. If the most vulnerable spot your opponent leaves you is his arm/wrist, then a purely slashing blade seems like it would be better anyway. Especially one as sharp as mine. I had mine professionally sharpened by a bladesmith. Its as sharp as a straight razor, and most knifes aren't even half this sharp. I'd take a back stance and use my left arm to cover my heart + lung area and keep my head low to protect my neck area. And try to swipe at their arm/wrist when they'd thrust at me. My reflexes are above average, they've always been. I've been cold cocked before, and with a mouth like mine some of you probably understand why. Vast majority of cases they deal a grazing blow because I see the punch coming. So I'd take my chances with my hawkbill. If I get even a couple good non-vital swipes that inflict lacerations, they might get light headed, lose concentration, and make a serious mistake, etc. Whereas a puncture wound on the back of my arm wouldn't bleed out too bad. If they landed a couple of those it wouldn't be a huge deal. Someone only has to get sloppy with a single thrust, and I could open their wrist up with a single swipe. Against someone skilled in blade fighting, I'm likely to lose anyway, so I doubt my odds would be any better with a blade that could do either.
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