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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

I'm pretty much like you Fred, in the knife as a tool category and never trained in actual knife fighting. I'd rather have a gun in a fight in any case. Guess I'm pretty old-fashioned and low-tech when it comes to knives--I've owned a Marine Corps K-Bar-style fighting knife (mine was made by Ontario, actually). Since it was designed in WW2 to be a fighting knife, you could stick somebody real good with that 7-inch blade. But it's been my main camping and hunting utility knife along with the 5-inch blade Air Force pilot survival knife and the old reliable Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter model pocket knife for smaller tasks. Can't do what McGuyver did with his, but it's adequate. In the early 2000s I did purchase a Gerber Leatherman multi-tool to join the 21st century. I don't have the budget for these expensive knives around today, so my old stuff still works fine for me.
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