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Default Video: White News & Whites’ Houses burned down


I discuss the whites who are in jail in several countries for “pro-white” activities, which the Jews & Liberals refer to as “hate speech”. Whites are thrown into jail for the slightest bit of free speech. Bob in DC says that if any white is: “Anti-Jew, Pro-White and willing to fight” then they’re on our side. It seems as if Ireland is going downhill fast and it may be the next Sweden. I discuss people who save entire websites because some white websites disappear and then nobody has a copy of it. I discuss the kinds of problems I experienced on AfricanCrisis from spiteful Liberals and Jews. I discuss arson attempts to burn down farms of whites in South Africa, as well as the problems on the SouthAfricaProject website which has gone down. I also discuss the burning down of the houses of some whites in South Africa, including the house of Willem Ratte and Edwin who created the AdolfTheGreat.com website. There are also whites in America who tell anti-white Sheriffs: When we get into power we’ll execute you! I also discuss my plans for preparing for Jewish censorship of Youtube and how I intend trying to keep my channel alive.

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