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Originally Posted by History Reviewed Channel View Post

Here is some history they try to keep away from white people in America and Europe. They will scream over Dylann Roof, but they'll never tell you about the day blacks came with AK47's and threw hand-grenades among whites in a packed church in South Africa. Here's the story and the white man who fought back with a pistol when the blacks had AK47's!
On the wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_...hurch_massacre they don't even mention the victims were White/Aryan, they just say that the perps were pardoned under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission because they blamed all Whites for apartheid so all Whites were legitimate targets in their minds.

That's why SA Whites/Aryans need a homeland, and it needs to include coastline and ports so it can be supplied and not easily cut-off (Orania is a nice symbolic start, but it is vulnerable).

I'm thinking ultimately the entirety of the Cape provinces (Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces) could prove a viable and defensible homeland for the Boers and Whites of SA (Orania is included as it is on the edge of Northern Cape province). This should be on the agenda as part of a worldwide pan-Aryan revolution.
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