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Originally Posted by History Reviewed Channel View Post
Update on USA's No 1 WHITE Political Prisoner - Matt Hale

Alex & Jan interviewed Emily Henderson who is closely involved in Matt Hale's legal struggles. Matt is currently in a high security prison in the USA. Emily explained to us how Matt was jailed wrongfully. Matt was the highest profile pro-white activist in the USA until our anti-white enemies managed to get him into jail. He used to appear on Fox News and other high profile TV shows. Emily explained to us how Matt was set up.

Matt was the Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Movement - the awesome whites-only religion started by the late, great Ben Klassen, author of The White man's Bible and other books.

NB: You can support Matt Hale. Here are all the details at this link: http://historyreviewed.com/index.php...vity-movement/
Thanks for this, Jan/Alex.

I want to correct a mistake: re the Juror I refer to who was the Head Juror--he was a homosexual, but it was his live in 'boyfriend' who was black. He was White. All else correct re his misconduct, though-and that he should have been dismissed during Voir Dire.

Update also--the Human Rights Atty that Matt's mom retained for his SHU case fell through, so he does not have representation at the moment in that case.
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