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Emily Henderson

Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
I've largely ruined my life (in terms of its greater potential) as a result of this hobby, always thinking "it's almost done, I'm done with that", but then, I get this compulsion to say something more. And so, I hope this bright and cheery post is again my last.


Thank you for the wonderful conversation Emily. You're so smart and beautiful - you represent the best of our race.

PS: also, well said Carl ... rep given.
Forums do have a potato chip quality to them, yes. There is a brain science to it, as the medium lends itself to repetitive behavior and gratification of the reward center of the brain.

I'll stop too, but not right now--now to get my potato chip behavior on--Christinsanity being the topic:

What do you get when you mix a Charismatic little nutball (this time it's a wumin), smuggling of people who you treat as slaves, prep for Armageddon, keeping people hungry and tired so they can't think long enough to realize they need to put on their running shoes, and antiquated ideas about medicine so retarded your children die of easily treatable illness? You get a little thingy called the 'Aggressive Christian Missions Training Corps'.

Oh, and they were raping the kids.

Why this is important: it illustrates how handing over your brain to other people just because they share a belief in something is a real bad idea. Clue number one that you are in a bad place is not being allowed to think.

And it illustrates how certain tactics employed against those who do hand over their mind, willpower, and money, work so effectively that they begin to turn a blind eye to some very horrible stuff, as in this group. This little group is one of many, and variations of this behavior exist in all major denominations as well, in varying degrees.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier