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Here's an English-language article about the Vox Thalassa/ Diciotti case:

This article from the BBC – a news channel that has been controlled by jews for ages – makes it seem like the allegations against the rapeugees are baseless. They keep saying that Salvini "accuses", "alleges", etc., but it was the crew members on the pro-rapeugee ship Vox Thalassa who asked the Italian coast guard for help after they were taken hostage by the Afreakan savages that they foolishly tried to "rescue". This clearly shows that the hijacking was real.
Take a look at the following paragraphs from the jewish BBC article that I quoted from:

Details of the incident remain unclear, but Italian media report that police boarded the coastguard vessel Diciotti to quiz its passengers.

They focused on two people in particular - one Ghanaian and one Sudanese - but did not uncover concrete evidence of a violent crime.
The bolded part is bullshit because major Italian newspapers are reporting that these two rapeugees have been detained by the police for their role in the hijacking of the ship that foolishly tried to rescue them.

According to the Italian authorities, these two third-world savages are accused of engaging in violence, issuing death threats and facilitating illegal immigration since it has been revealed that they are the human traffickers who organized the trip from Libya. (Human traffickers often hide among the "migrants" that they transport.)

Even leftist newspapers are reporting this, so it's hardly "fake news" invented by "right-wing extremists", as the jews love to claim.

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