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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Here's the latest rapeugee boat invasion case:

Short version:

Ship full of idiots tried to "rescue" Afreakan rapeugees off the coast of Libya, and then the savages started a riot and hijacked the ship, so the frightened crew members called the Italian coast guard for help, and now the third-world criminals are being investigated by the Italian police. Yes, folks, these are the African "doctors" and "engineers" that evil globalist jews like George Soros are bringing to Europe.

Long version:

A ship called Vox Thalassa spotted 67 African rapeugees off the coast of Libya, and quickly picked them up before the Libyan coast guard which was allegedly already on its way managed to get there. Then the rapeugees started a riot and took Vox Thalassa's crew hostage. Some of the frightened crew members managed to contact the Italian coast guard which came to the rescue, and the rapeugees were then transferred to the coast guard vessel Diciotti, and taken to Sicily.

The Italian right-wing leader, interior minister and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has said that the Afreakan rapeugees who were responsible for the riot/hijacking will only disembark in handcuffs, and then taken to jail, and eventually shipped back to their home countries.

Unfortunately though, Italian media are reporting that only two of the rapeugees a Ghanaian and a Sudanese are being investigated for the hijacking, which probably means that the rest of the savages will be allowed to remain in Italy (although I hope I'm wrong).

The problem here is that these third-world criminals were brought to Italy on an Italian coast guard vessel, which means that Salvini can't bar it from the country's ports; right now, it seems that he only has the authority to bar ships that are run by crooked (jewish) NGOs, although he's working around the clock to extend the ban to pretty much all ships that carry third-world criminals.

Here's an English-language article about the Vox Thalassa/ Diciotti case:

This article from the BBC a news channel that has been controlled by jews for ages makes it seem like the allegations against the rapeugees are baseless. They keep saying that Salvini "accuses", "alleges", etc., but it was the crew members on the pro-rapeugee ship Vox Thalassa who asked the Italian coast guard for help after they were taken hostage by the Afreakan savages that they foolishly tried to "rescue". This clearly shows that the hijacking was real.
dont expect the truth from the bbc