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Originally Posted by fyc View Post
dont expect the truth from the bbc
Yeah, I know. The BBC is a disgrace. Remember when its jewish boss James Harding said that his network has too many white presenters?

BBC’s bias against minorities: Corporation's news boss says there are not enough black or female presenters because managers tend to recruit in their own image

(...) He said he plans to 'do something determined' to increase the number of ethnic minorities and women on screen, including stricter diversity targets and a 'sponsorship scheme' to help them progress to senior positions.

Jew shitbag Harding spreads multicultural propaganda in his host country, Great Britain, while supporting the racist, genocidal bandit state of Pissrael, which is his real home country.

Harding said in 2011 that he "[believes] in the state of Israel. I would have had a real problem if I had been coming to a paper with a history of being anti-Israel...

The usual jewish hypocrisy...