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Originally Posted by notmenomore View Post
Epstein is/was storied as a billionaire, but no one has any idea where the money came from: supposedly hedge-fund management, but that tale falls flat immediately. It seems that no one else in the hedge fund business has ever heard of the perp and no one else knows (or can find) anyone who was either business/trading associate or client. In short, Epstein seems to control a fortune that either doesn't exist or has no credible origins. No assets, no accounts but yet palaces all over the world (and especially in the Kwa), and private high-end aircraft. And no "sources" for any of it: no inheritance, no business, and no known "customers".
That certainly is very strange, in the Kwa it´s nearly impossible to keep your personal, let alone business affairs privat, anybody who has your name and DOB can accurately find out every address you have ever lived at, who you are married to/divorced from, how many children you have, they can even find out who your past roommates were, how much your house is worth, whether you have a plane, a boat, how much debt you have, etc. etc....

The more money an individual has the more difficult it becomes to hide the source of the money, assuming it was legally acquired.

Financial services tend to be heavily regulated, its difficult to imagine a legally run hedge fund business where the owners are not registered/licenced in some way in a publicly accessible database.
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