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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
"my own thread" - this is all your mentality about. "you came to my sandbox and destroyed my castle!" such childish whining...
Not at all. I welcome all opinions, even the ones that differ from mine, but you have proven over and over again that you're not interested in mature and intelligent political discussions because when I demolish your arguments, you simply resort to childish insults, clumsy lies and lame trolling.

First you tried to discredit the yellow vest protesters by claiming that their leaders are non-white, but as I explained to you, the movement doesn't have any official leaders, it doesn't have a traditional leadership structure, so it can't be controlled by a handful of people. (Any mainstream newspaper article about the yellow vests will tell you this.) I also posted articles in which journalists from various countries talk about how the movement is mainly composed of white French citizens.

Then you tried to downplay the protesters' (fully legitimate) criticism of jews by claiming that only a fraction of them are jew-wise. I disproved this by posting many newspaper articles that show how yellow vests openly call out the jews and identify the loathsome Rothschild banker Macron as an anti-French jew-puppet, and I also posted a poll according to which 44 percent of the yellow vests believe that there is a "planetary zionist plot to rule the world". Like I said in a previous post, I know that 44 percent is too low, but it's still twice the national average.

You simply dismissed all these articles by basically saying that most of them are made up or exaggerated, and then you tried to discredit the yellow vests by claiming that they're homosexual activists, and you tried to prove it by posting a couple of pictures of rainbow flags and a fake news story that was published on a Canadian parody site.

On top of that, you excrete clumsy insults and lies about me, like claiming that I'm an LGBT supporter and insinuating that I'm attracted to other men, and you keep promoting an obscure anti-Serbian blog that's run by crooks that have stolen my identity (yes, you know very well that that's not really me). You claim that I go off topic when I bring it up, but it's relevant to the subject because it shows that you're an untrustworthy, deceptive person who is only here to cause trouble.

Why are you ignoring my question about beaten faggy grannie? Are you shamed to admit you share some sympathy for her?
I think I've made it clear that I condemn the thuggish, jew-controlled police's assault on this 73-year-old protester. I don't know whether or not she's a lesbian, but my guess wold be that she's a normal straight woman.

Sorry for this long post, folks, but I had to write it because I got dragged into this discussion by the tiresome troll/pro-jewish, anti-white propagandist Rasen.

Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Stewart, you're being targeted by Zionist trolls in retaliation for the posting of topics exposing jews and their agenda.
Oh, absolutely.