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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
Yeah, you and your retarded buddies named me a "zionist agenda" which basically means the same.
I said that you're a "pro-jewish propagandist", which is true since you spread pro-jewish, anti-white propaganda on this forum. That's not the same thing as calling you an ethnic jew.

"I'm tolerant to others opinion, but I consider them trolls
There are VNN posters that I respect even though I disagree with them on some issues. Then there are obvious anti-white trolls who only come here to attack, insult and lie about forum members. You have proven over and over again that you belong to the latter category.

and always hysterically add negative reps to them". Brilliant.
Actually, I wasn't hysterical when I gave you negative reputation points. I was calm. You, on the other hand, seem very upset about receiving them – so upset that you kvetch about it in several posts, and in several threads, even going so far as to take a screenshot of the red dots, and post it here.

I would be ashamed if people like you increased my karma, it'd be like receiving support from braindead people:
Yes, that's the ticket, Raisin. Post pictures of hideous, inbred white villains from crappy, jew-produced Hymiewood horror movies whose purpose is to smear Southerners. (Of course, it has nothing to do with this topic, but never pass up an opportunity to mock white people.)

If you lived in USSR of 1930s you'd be writing reports to jewish Cheka, in Hitler's Germany you would support antifascist resistance, now you have the only ability to strike the useless button.
More nonsense from you. This is getting tiresome.

You remind me a typical fag that claims "I'm not a homosexual but pansexual/ quasysexual!" with such a rhetoric about differences in rainbow flags. What are you trying to say: wearing rainbow "peace" flag is okay or fags never use "peace" flags?
Of course you can find pictures of homosexuals who display the peace flag, but that doesn't mean that every single person who has displayed the peace flag is a homosexual. You really are a lousy debater, Raisin.

For the third (or fourth?) time: I don't know whether or not that 73-year-old woman who was assaulted by jew-lackey Macron's police goons is a lesbian, but to assume that she is homosexual simply because she displayed a peace flag is wrong, in my opinion.